Welcome to my website.  As you browse through you will find information about the services I offer, prices, useful information and don't forget to check out the blog!  

In short I offer Reiki with crystals healing to people & animals.  I specialise in horses and am currently offering appointments in the Mid Devon & Exeter area for visits to horses.  Additionally, I am offering healing for people set in the tranquil Durin Room at Liznojan Books in Tiverton, which also has an amazing cafe next door.  

Reiki is a holistic therapy that balances body, mind and spirit. Treatment involves the placement of hands on or near the recipient’s body to help them relax.  It is a gentle and effective way to reduce stress, promote relaxation and assist the body to heal both physical and emotional ailments.


I am trained up to Master level in Reiki and have also trained in crystal healing, shamanic practices and animal healing, with a special course focused on horse healing which ran over 2 years. 

Look out for announcements of my 2022 workshops at the Rosebud Ranch, Kings Nympton! 

Further introduction:

Healing came to me like a bolt out of the blue, not something I'd ever thought about and when I did my sceptical mind certainly always won over!  Yet here I am offering healing services, it's been  a long journey to get to where I am now.  I've been guided by many amazing people, taken various courses and loved every minute.  I take all I have learned to give the most to my clients using what works for me and who I am working with - this can vary from healing to healing as everyone is different.  I love healing, I love watching animals release long held emotions and move on, I love watching owners learn more about their animals and build better relationships and I love being the vessel to allow this to happen.  

Simply, I love bringing animals and people together through healing.  

Healing can help with physical and emotional issues; people and animals often store emotions in their body, healing can help release these. It is a relaxing therapy which helps restore balance to the body’s energy fields.  

Though my speciality is horses and the horse/their person relationship I also offer healing to all other animals and people.

When healing with horses (and all animals) I often find they will bring their person into a healing and ask me to pass healing on to them too, I ask owners to be open to what enfolds as the session progresses, tears can flow and this is nothing to be frightened of, there may of course also be laughter! 

How can a healing session benefit me and my animal? I hear you ask...... Equine/animal healing sessions with their person present can help strengthen the relationship and bond between them.  Animals live closely with us and often react to our emotions positive and negative and a session helps work through these.  Sometimes it is better to do a few sessions but make them shorter if there is a lot of trauma to work through.

I'm based am currently seeing clients in Tiverton and the surrounding area.  I will only see an animal in their own home environment to ensure they are at their most comfortable, I think it's a lot to ask them to visit a new place and then relax!​

In addition to healing I am also offering workshops in mindfulness, meditation and healing with alpacas at the Rosebud Ranch in Kings Nympton, Devon. During these workshops you will spend time with the herd of Alpacas, enjoying the peace and tranquility of The Rosebud Ranch's beautiful land and take some time to reconnect with the herd, nature and yourself.

We are also hoping to host a animal healing and communication workshop so keep an eye on our social media for any announcements.   


Finally you can join me and Debra Wotton for our Reiki/Healing share group every month in Tiverton, for more information about this  click here

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