I have many years of experience with horses, in fact I cannot remember life without them but it wasn't until I started training feral foals from Dartmoor in 2005 that I really felt their incredible spirit and started opening up to just what they are capable of bringing out in us humans!

My own ongoing personal development is very important to me to ensure I am always in the best place possible to offer healing but also to bring as much as I can to my sessions to help you and your animals.  I attend workshops and continued training relevant to the services I offer to ensure I always bring my best, this also helps to bring in new ways of working which can be quite powerful - like the Shamanic Practitioners training I completed early 2017.

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My Inspiration

As is so often the case my door to the world of healing was opened as a result of my own chronic illness. I've had varying health issues since childhood and had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia some years ago.  The fibromyalgia changed everything, I could no longer do all I'd done, not even look after my own pony let alone run the Dartmoor Pony rescue centre and so I found myself depressed and stuck in bed with my fibromyalgia causing pain and exhaustion.  I realised I needed help and started a Mindfulness course (details below) and so life started to turn around again and I discovered things I never thought possible, I was a huge sceptic when I first started out but I am now the happiest I have ever been, grounded, content, fulfilled and doing something I love.  I can manage my health and so have the life I choose, weirdly I am grateful as without the ill health I would not have discovered the incredible power of healing.  My passion as well as healing horses is to help those who find themselves in a similar position, to give hope that there is still a way to enjoy life and to work through it and encourage people to find what works for them. Of course this may not be the life you once had, mine is unrecognisable but I love it for what it is now.  

Mindfulness Course

I attended an 8 week Mindfulness course at the Exeter University designed to help learn to be in the present and to accept the fibromyalgia.  Even on the fifth week I wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to help me but it did and talking it through with other people on the course in similar situations was really helpful (this surprised me considerably at the time!) – you’re never alone!  I was very ill before this unable to work for long periods due to pain and fatigue. The course really helped and was part of the start of my journey to healing and my inspiration to help others through tough times too - people and animals.  

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The Tao of Equus

I read a book  The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation Through the Way of the Horse by Linda Kohanov.  I had been given this book many years ago and never read it so what made me pick it up then I don’t know but obviously I was meant to!  


Synopsis from Amazon

“In "The Tao of Equus", author Linda Kohanov intertwines the story of how she awakened to the spiritual presence of horses with compelling mythology, research, and personal anecdotes. The result is an extraordinary story of healing and communication that turns our conventional understanding of these amazing creatures upside down. A horse trainer and equine-facilitated therapy practitioner, Kohanov first began exploring the horse human connection in the early 1990s. When her black mare, Rasa, became lame, she was plagued by a series of sinister dreams and premonitions. Finally, prompted by her dreams, she cancelled a risky surgery to save Rasa's potential career in competitive riding. To relate to the injured horse outside conventional equestrian pursuits, Kohanov immersed herself in the day-to-day activities of the herd. In the process, she discovered that horses are intensely emotional, intuitive, intelligent beings. They are true reflections of our deepest souls. Over time, she discovered their extraordinary ability to awaken intuition in humans, while mirroring the authentic feelings people try to hide, which makes these animals powerful therapeutic teachers.


Kohanov describes the subtle emotional and even clairsentient cues she tapped into after time spent interacting with her herd. And she details the techniques she developed to help students strengthen mind body awareness and access their own extrasensory abilities through the way of the horse.”




The workshop was Elaine Tyley’s (Horses Voice) workshop at Powderham Castle.  Whilst doing the Mindfulness course and reading the Tao of Equus I passionately felt I wanted to work in equine therapy, I had debated it in the past but now I felt it was something I wanted to work towards.  Having done an introduction course for equine therapy I wanted to be sure the horses were capable of coping with our emotions and were willing participants before putting them in therapy situations; it is very important to me to ensure we do not put anything on to them which they don’t willingly want to assist us with, they need the choice to help or walk away, that’s when I saw Elaine’s day workshop advertised which included meditation which I was now a fan of and so I had to book on it and my life just kept getting better!  I continued to train with Elaine for a further 2 years before becoming an Approved Horses Voice Healer.  I continued healing under this umbrella for a couple of years attending regular workshops with Elaine and being assessed by her each year.  I am no longer a member of the association as my path is taking me in another direction for now and so I am unable to attend the necessary workshops but hopefully in time I will again!