Cat Stretching on Sheets

Benefits of Healing for Animals

  • Restores balance of energies within the body and allows the energy to flow freely through the animal.

  • Helps to release tension

  • Helps to calm nervous and anxious animals

  • Helps to reduce stress

  • Helps the animal to release emotions that may be stored in the body

  • Helps with the mind, body and soul

  • Can help reconnect them animal to a more spiritual side if they have lost this or been struggling with it

  • Helps to ground animals, especially beneficial for the more flighty ones. 

  • Relaxing – though some will be more relaxed than others if there are difficult emotions to work through it can be tense at times as these are acknowledged and worked with.

  • I particularly like using healing with more feral animals like the feral Dartmoor Hill Ponies, they aren’t always easy to handle but sitting with them sending healing to them helps them to relax in their environment and associate us humans with a good experience.

  • Helps the healing of wounds and recovery from illness as it supports the body to do this. 

What can healing help with

  • Everything – other than fractured/broken bones which have not yet been set!

  • Healing can help with behavioural problems allowing the animal to be heard and helping release emotions and tension that can be stored in their bodies, I work through past experiences that they still carry around with them.  Though animals live in the now and do not dwell and go over what has happened to them (unlike humans) they still store these memories and so circumstances  can trigger reactions as a result, they do not forget.

Healing is a good supportive therapy  for health issues, stress, behaviour and it is also just a nice thing to receive and enjoy when there is nothing wrong helping to keep the energies in balance which in turn helps an animal keep healthy. 

A healing session is not a replacement for a qualified behaviourist or vet.  You should seek their advice and opinion if your animal is having health and/or behaviour issues.  It is a therapy that compliments treatment and aids recovery by balancing the energy systems but should not be used alone or as an alternative to proper veterinary care.