End of life

The time will sadly come when we have to say goodbye to those we share our lives with.  It is one of the hardest things we ever have to do, I have been through it a number of times in varying circumstances and it never gets any easier.  I have sat with my dog holding her and the space as she was put to sleep, I have been through colic with the less happy ending and stood with my boy as he passed, I have picked my cat up out of the road when he was already gone, these are just a few of my loves I have lost but each of them despite the end pain brought me so much happiness and love and the memories will never go away. 

When we can, being able to gift our animals the ability to die with dignity and being surrounded by love is a wonderful thing.  It can be very peaceful and the space can be held for them and their people. I feel moved to offer this service due to various experiences I have had over the years with animals that are near to leaving us.  Each time they know, and each time it has given the owner and animal some peace being able to connect in this way beforehand.  

If you find yourself in this difficult situation with your loved one, where you have to say goodbye I can either come to you before (weeks/days or on the day) to offer some peace and connection.  Additionally I can sit with them as they pass.  This is something that can be done with you there or without, some owners find it too difficult to be with them when it happens which is understandable, we all cope with the loss of a loved one in different ways.  

If this is something you feel drawn to please feel free to contact me.