• Kathryn Hulland

DPTC: On the Move Part 2

In June 2006 we were offered some larger fields for a few months, we had been picking up the poo for 9 ponies on a daily basis and really needed more land, we were offered this on a temporary basis but for free so we jumped at the chance and moved the boys there, it was about 3 miles down the road and Natalie and some friends helped move them, I couldn’t get the time off work so I missed out on the fun. Apparently it was quite interesting herding 9 Dartmoors 3 miles and trying to stop them wandering up people’s driveways!

The new fields were ideal and we had a lovely summer there. We still had Basil, Socks, Reggie, Star, Pippin and Merry. Pixie and Trixie had gone to live with Natalie’s 3 horses and ponies for the time being as the boys needed castrating and we had to ensure there were no accidents!!

Since having Tigger I was getting more and more involved with the Dartmoor Pony Rescue Centre and seeing them more regularly, it was very interesting just sitting down and just watching the herd of ponies, watching them play and interact with each other and then seeing how they relax and slept. I will never forget one day at these fields Nicky and I went up to see them, it was a gorgeous sunny day and we sat in the fields, one by one each pony came over and laid down with us, we were dumbstruck, this was one of the biggest signs of trust they could give us, laying down totally vulnerable, it was an amazing moment. Some of them were even flat out asleep snoring at one point!

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