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First Blog Post!

I am overjoyed to be able to call myself an Approved Horses Voice Equine Healer! It’s been quite a journey since I did that first workshop with Elaine Tyley nearly 3 years ago which opened me up to so many new possibilities.

I will be sending out the odd newsletter from time to time, if I have sent one to you and you'd rather not receive it please do let me know and I will ensure your name is removed from any future issues – and if you’re not sure I promise I won’t be bombarding you every week or anything like that!

If you know of anyone who may be interested in my services I would be very grateful if you could forward this newsletter on to them.

GratitudeThe biggest thank you to those of you who let me to see your horses as case studies allowing me to practice my teachings; and also much gratitude to the horses as without them I would not be writing this, they are the reason I am doing it but also the reason I am able to and I will never forget that. And whilst on thank you my other teachers Colin John of Holistic Gateway ( who has taught me my Reiki up to Master level, Crystal Healing and guided me for 2 years at group every other week, Madeleine Walker ( who has taught me so much, brought some amazing energies to me and guided me with animal healing; and of course as mentioned above and below Elaine Tyley of Horses Voice ( all of whom have helped guide me to now. I should also thank Linda Kohanov for putting pen to paper too for without The Tao of Equus I may not have followed this life changing path – link to the book here

For my first newsletter I will write a little about how I got to now - and this is the brief version! If you are interested in a fuller version my story is in Holly Davies book "From Their Heart to Yours: Inspirational Horses and the People who Love Them". My chapter was written around about July 2014 so halfway through my course with Elaine. Holly has designed some great courses with Stonebridge College and I really enjoyed the Advanced Equine Energy Therapy one.

My journey to horse healing started because I read the Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov at the same time I was doing a Mindfulness meditation course, I wanted to work in Equine Therapy but thankfully as my introduction to this was through The Tao of Equus when I looked into it I was very aware I needed to be sure the horses were ok with what was asked of them, they are sensitive animals which is why they are so good at this type of work but being around people with a lot of emotion all the time is a lot to take on and for some horses it should not be asked of them. More about Equine Therapy later below.

So having decided Equine Therapy was the way I wanted to go I needed be sure the horses were ok with it and it was then Elaine’s workshop popped up on my Facebook feed.

“Learning how to connect with horses on a deeper level; what does your body energy communicate to your horse; find out what horses need from us; learn the first step of communication; open up to the healing energy with a short peaceful meditation; discuss what is communication and healing? Receive a healing and see how it feels; learn to channel your healing energy and practice on each other; observe a healing and communication session; then everyone will carry out a healing on my lovely mares.

The day will probably challenge all of your beliefs; do they feel? Are they emotional? How do I affect my horse? Why do they do that? What is the message?????????”"

And so I learned the meaning of synchronicity!

I was drawn in though somewhat sceptical, it’s not that I did not believe, I have always been open to most things but for definitive belief I need proof one way or the other, to prove it does exist or prove it doesn’t. Elaine managed to bring me that proof and I was converted after the most amazing meditation, I had done Mindfulness meditation before but nothing like this and as a sceptic it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I watched as Elaine worked healing some of the ponies mesmerized, this was just what I was looking for, if I could feel how the horses were feeling in some way I could at least know if the Equine Therapy was asking too much. To top it all off she had The Way of The Horse by Linda Kohanov on the table and The Tao of Equus at the top of her reading list – it was a sign.

Next thing I knew I had signed up for the 2 year course and so it all began. I had lots of my own baggage that needed dealing with and Elaine gave me the tools to do this. Once my body and mind were in a good place my healing sessions with the horses became even more connected, I was picking more and more up until finally I had done enough to pass the course. The journey continues self-healing is always an ongoing thing for everyone, as is how to cope with other people’s energies and ensuring you are grounded and protected, it is a new way of life for me. There is the added bonus that I have met a new family doing this work, my Healing Family a bunch of crazy wonderful inspiring people!

I have turned my life around and now I hope to help others do the same through healing whether that be a horse, dog, cat, person and as is often the case horse and person together. How often are our horses “misbehaving” and actually we are going through something difficult in our lives ourselves? How often does the horse not want to be caught when we are in a rush? They pick up on our energy and emotions and so working horses and their people together as a partnership can really help.


Healing can help with physical and emotional issues; people and animals often store emotions in their body, healing can help release these. It is a relaxing therapy which helps restore balance to the body’s energy fields.

What I offer:

• Animal Healing

• Equine Healing (Horses Voice Approved Healer)

• Reiki Healing for people

• Crystal Healing for people (I do incorporate crystals in to my animal healing too)

• Chakra & Aura Balancing for people

• Distance Healing for both people and animals



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