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Fergus the Horse - We're Late...

I love this image from Fergus the Horse

Horses react to our energy, if we are calm and grounded they are much more likely to be calm and grounded themselves. If we are in a rush, panicking and stressing they will pick up on that energy and also panic and stress and perhaps be fearful not understanding why we are giving out this energy, as Fergus states "something terrible must be happening"!

We must consider our energy when around the horses no matter how much of a rush we are in - it's for our benefit too. If you are grounded and calm no matter how short time is your horse is more likely to be caught in the field, however if you rush in there charging up to him full of adrenaline he is much more likely to look for the quickest escape away from you!

If you are calm and grounded your horse is more likely to walk on that trailer first time - much kinder and quicker than panicking and having a broom tapping his arse and possibly leading to loading issues at later dates.

If you are calm and grounded he is more likely to stand still for any grooming, tacking up etc

All in all things will go much better and quicker for you if you don't hurry and stress.

If you feel your energy rising with frustration, panic and the need to hurry just stop for a minute, it may seem crazy when in a rush but if you stop, breath, ground yourself and calm that minute you took out will probably save you 20 at least.

And preparation is key, set the alarm clock properly and ensure you have done the correct work with your horse so they are happy with being caught, being groomed, tacked up and loaded in a trailer. If you want to do shows take them to shows just to look around, get them used the the environment with no pressure on you or your horse a few times first.

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