• Kathryn Hulland

Healing Crystals

I love using crystals during healing sessions with people and animals, client's say during a reiki healing with crystals they do feel more intense healing in certain areas. Each crystal has it's own properties, it's own vibrational energy. Sometimes if the client wishes I will ask them to choose their own crystals for me to use during the heaing session as there will always be a reason they are drawn to certain ones even if it is not obvious. Other times I will use my intuition at the start and following an initial assessment to choose which crystals I will use. I place the crystals on the client direct and sometimes also form a grid around them using the quartz points.

When using crystals with animals I sometimes hold them in my hand on areas of the animal, other times I will have them in my pockets transferring the energy through my hands, I often use my Lemurian Quarzt to move energy around when drawn to areas. Crystals can be used in other formats too like an essence in water for drinking or to spray in the environment (don't make these yourself unless you know what you are doing as some crystals can be poisonous), They can also be placed in the environment like around a stable, in the field, zipped up in a pets bed (again be very careful they cannot eat them). When Magic my dog first came to us I placed a little set in his bed to help him feel secure and loved.

Another reason crystals fascinate me is the variety and nature of them. Most form at some point as a result of molten rock it then comes down to the environment they meet as to what is formed like temperature, pressure, chemical conditions and how much space is around them. For example Quartz often form in to points because they have the space to do so.

Although most form this way not all of them do, geodes form as water evaporates from the internal spaces of the stones and some literally fall from the sky or form as a result of something falling from the sky like Tektite! We must not forget that some are also man made, sometimes obviously so such as the Blue Goldstone and Blue Obsidan but sometimes fakes are made to deceive us so you need to be careful where you buy. Bismuth is often home grown and I believe schools grow it as part of chemistry in the USA on occasion, Citrine can be made as we can speed up the heat process that forms it often it will be yellow at the top and I am not sure if mine is a real of fake one. Jade is often grown in lab and dyed Howlite is often passed off as Turquoise. It's not always easy to spot the fakes and just because they are fakes doesn't mean they won't have their own properties, you can still be drawn to them!

And not to forget the age, some will form in a matter of months but others can take years - maybe even millions of years!

So that's a brief synopsis of why I love and collect them and use them as part of my healing. This album are photos I recently took of my collection to keep a record of them and to ensure I don't ever forget what any are (although I do still have a few I need to find out!) I have a basic set that I always use for my healing sessions some come with me to support me in the healing and some are there to use with the client direct.

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