• Kathryn Hulland

Healing Session Report

Had a really interesting healing session today. The horse had lots of emotion held in her heart area i felt like i was carrying it around with me as it was so heavy and low offering support. We worked on the area for some time and i crouched down hands out as if holding it sending healing, her head dropped so low as she licked and chewed letting go of what she could.

She showed me an image of her being whacked in the face with a lead rope over and over, I also felt like she had explosions and really fought what was being done to her but to no avail. She finally showed me a piebald cob like a gypsy cob who was her best pal and she mourns being taken away from him.

She is in a lovely home now and accepts her life as it is and is generally happy but struggles when negative energy is around, she likes people to respect her and ask permission, she will never say no and will give full cooperation and respect in return however she will not be so respectful of you if you aren't respectful of her - fair enough i say!

We released alot but she is still carrying her memories with her so i will do more sessions releasing her hurt, we worked on the head area a little where the leadrope flashbacks are held and i gave her lots of protective energy to help her deflect the energies of the people around who she struggles with. It's not always easy keeping horses on large livery yards with the amount of different energies from people buzzing around!

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