• Kathryn Hulland

Short video of healing session with Rebel

This is a short video taken during a healing session with Rebel at the Bodmin Pony Rehabilitation Centre. I am working on his sore shoulder here. Rebel is not yet fully handled and cannot be led hence I do not have a lead rope on him. I was working with his energy sending in healing and also ensuring to pick up when he was uncomfortable with where I was and how close. I started the healing a metre or so away and slowly worked in as and when he was happy. In this bit of the video you can see him at first taking note of the healing, the eyes softening and blinking, he turns his head to sniff my hands and where the energy is emanating from. He gets a little tighter around the mouth and ears flash as he works through something and also when I move my hand a little further down so out of the comfort zone he had got used to. He was very relaxed throughout and extremely accepting of the healing. I didn't push too much as there is a fine balance with ponies who are still nervous and not fully handled, they need to build up trust and get used to different things slowly, even with healing energy there is no point in taking them too far out of their comfort zone as they will just get tense and not be accepting, and of course it will upset them which is the last thing I want to do! I love working with the energy of these ponies - it's a very fine balance!

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