• Kathryn Hulland

A healing with nervous ponies

These are some photos taken during my healing session with Rebel and Phoenix at the Bodmin Pony Rehabilitation Centre

The first photos are of Rebel. He is still a very nervous pony and does not allow touch all over and will not yet lead, however he doesn't mind his neck and head being touched when he trusts you. He had a sore shoulder the day I went and was showing some improvement in it.

I started by sitting on the straw so I was at his level and less threatening, I put my hands out just to introduce myself and the healing energy to him, he loved resting his top lip on my fingers. I then scanned him over with my eyes picking up any areas which were more out of balance. All his chakras were out of balance so I sat and worked with my pendulum to focus on each and send in some balancing energy through the body before I started any other healing. I often start balancing the chakras, although I don't focus just on them it gives me a good starting point to know where the horse is in himself and basic areas to work with. You will see he was very gentle and interested in what I was doing, I moved around a little then crouched down with him continuing to send the healing energy. When I stood up I stepped back from him so it was up to him to walk to me as I didn't want him to feel under any pressure.

I worked from about a metre away initially moving down the meridian line in his neck, it is amazing to watch when working at a distance as you get exactly the same reponses as if you'd had your hand directly on the pony. I could feel by his energy how close he was comfortable for me to get and slowly he allowed me in closer to him, I was able to do a bit of hands on work but I didn't push this as at times he was unsure and I wanted him to be as open and relaxed as possible. The session wasn't too long just a general balance and overall healing to allow him to get used to me and the energy, ready for next time!

You can see in these photos when he has relaxed and times when he is a little more unsure and tense in his mouth, but he was able to really relax in to the healing which was wonderful. This is the amazing thing about working with energy there's an instinct when you know when to back off, when to perhaps push a little and when to just stay as you are.

The other pony is Phoenix the most beautiful mare, she has an angelic energy about her. She tries so hard to trust and relax but is on edge and so that energy tends to store up until there is a big explosion. I worked with her to try and soften those nerve endings. You could see the physical reactions in her body and expressions as I worked on different areas. I felt ready to stop but I also felt she had lots of yawns building and I didn't want to stop until she had worked through them and released some of what we had worked through so at the very end I crouched down at her head and feeling her yawns I yawned, exactly the same time as she finally did. It still amazes me how we can pick these things up within us when we tune in and respond to them!

I can't express how much I love working with ponies like this, they are such a joy, these once feral ponies are so special to me whether they are Dartmoor, Bodmin, Exmoor - all of them!

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