• Kathryn Hulland

Healing with crystals

This article is a great introduction to using crystals.

I normally use crystals during healing sessions. With people I place them on and around the body but that's not so easy with animals! If safe to do so when healing a pet at home i may place them around the room we are in or just have them all on the floor, when working with horses I have them in my pockets and if drawn to i may hold one to an area of the horses body.

I choose the crystals for a healing before seeing the client by sitting quietly and connecting and asking for guidance on what the client may need i then choose what i am drawn to with that client and my intention of a healing session in mind. It never ceases to amaze me how the right crystals are always chosen.

I also have my trusty crystals that come to all healing sessions with me like black tourmaline which helps with grounding, my Peruvian Opal which helps me channel healing energy connecting to the spirit of the horse and my single terminated Lemurian Quartz which is amazing at helping release stuck energy in the body. My newest addition that comes to all is a beautiful very pure citrine. This works with the Solar Plexus which i find is out of balance in many people and animals, this connects to our self empowerment something many of us don't feel and animals can especially struggle with this as they have such little control over their lives.

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