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Healing session with a semi feral Dartmoor Hill Pony

There is something very special about working with feral ponies and the energy they hold, they are often untouched so have quite a pure energy but there are others who have had a very bad time being pushed around without correct handling and so they cannot be handled and carry their wild energy plus a complete mistrust, these are the ones that really get to me as they still try so hard despite everything. Yogi is a special pony and despite everything he still fights for life - far better than being shut down.

Yogi is a traumatised Dartmoor Hill Pony, he was castrated very late and without sedation and has been feral and aggressive. He has just let a head collar be put on him when he is shut in the stable but is very edgy and jumpy and fearful. When in the herd he is aggressive to the other horses and so he has to be separated. When I watched him I saw his territorial issues as he chased the sheep and duck out of the field if they got in his space.

I spent just over 2 hours with Yogi. I connected with him straight away before I went in the field, he started yawning immediately which was a great sign he would be accepting of healing and was very open to it. I wanted to cry when we first connected there was such a deep sadness within and he felt so alone.

I went into the field and sat on some tyres in the middle and didn’t try to approach him. I sat holding the energy and connecting with his heart energy and he connected with me very strongly. Now and then he would close the connection off during the session and I left him to wander off and reconnect when he was ready, he was free to come and go as he chose no pressure.

During the session he came over and sniffed me very warily and went off again, he did this a couple of times. Also during the session it was raining heavily so on occasion I took shelter near the stable further away from him and other times when the rain lessened a bit I approached him a little closer then walked away! I never tried to touch him physically and when I approached him I was aware of his body language and where to stand without being confrontational. I would stay in his space a couple of metres away and then walk away, he would follow for a few steps. This meant when we ended the session we had a very good trusting connection to be able to finish the way we did.

My initial feelings were he was very disconnected from everything and extremely fearful. He didn’t trust anyone or anything including other horses and felt he had to be protective of himself and his space from everything and anything if he didn’t he would be hurt, he felt he needed to fight to ensure he had food and survived. He had to fight for himself to keep himself alive and no horse, human or anything else had kept him safe so far so he could not trust them to do so now and this had left him very insular and therefore disconnected from nature and the horse spirit.

I worked through his chakras to start with from a distance and then worked on his nature connection working on grounding and connecting to the earth and then bringing in the energy from the trees and nature all around. After I had done this I disconnected for a little while to allow him some space and then reconnected and started work on his brow, crown and higher chakras connecting him back to the horse spirit. The horse spirit allows horses to feel support and gives them an understanding of life as a horse with us humans, it can help them cope and accept their lives and without it they tend to struggle much more.

Once we had worked through that he started to show the anger and frustration he felt. He wanted to be free, to run wild and felt very trapped in his field it was like a prison to him. He watched as the other horses wandered off in the other field which annoyed him further as did the rain that started coming down harder and I felt though these things were angering him it was deeper than that and so at this point I communicated with him to just shake it off to let go, stamp, run and roll around to release it and with that he did.


Yogi rolling, I had disconnected at this point whilst he let go of some of his anger and frustration and was stood by the stable

He had a couple of runs then kept rolling on the floor, getting up and rolling again and I could feel the energy freeing from him. Once he had done this I approached him again and stood with him for a bit. I sent healing energy to him and as he watched the herd in the distance I talked him through allowing himself to just be, let go and don’t fret and accept life for what it was, that he is safe now and they can be trusted and if he could just do this the herd would accept him, there would be no need to fight and he can be with them. He took a deep breath and with that the herd across started moving closer and one of the larger horses gave out a nicker which he replied to; it was quite amazing it was like this horse acknowledged what he was working through!

I walked away again for a bit and sat on the tyre. He came over again then walked off. Having given him a bit of space again I approached him. I walked closer this time watching for his body language and then crouched down and he came and sniffed me and this time he stayed. My hands were out and he put his nose in them and stood, then he started licking & chewing and letting out lots of yawns and releasing loads of tension. I felt I needed to back off again and give him some room so I went back to the tyres.

Yogi licking and chewing and releasing during the healing session (it was a bit wet)!

After a couple of minutes he came back to me there at the tyres and put his head in my hands and stayed for a while and then wandered off. I then approached him again for the last time and crouched down; he put his head in my hands, licked, chewed and yawned so much, he moved forward with his head and put his nose on my head and then lower and blew into my face, then he moved a bit more forward so I was level with his shoulder letting me into body space he had not allowed before. I knew then it was time to leave him as he had accepted and taken as much as he could for one day. When I looked at him it was like he had shrunk, not in a bad way but in a more relaxed and accepting way, he wasn’t holding himself on guard like he had been.


I had set my camera up to take a video on my lap and this is a shot from it when he was putting his head in my hands - most of it had nothing in focus!

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