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A Healing with Daisy

I thought I would share a healing session with you. My normal procedure is to connect with the horse and then scan over with my hands for heat patches which can be physical or emotional, I then work through the chakras balancing these and picking up what comes through for each area and then I work on specific areas I am drawn to. Having said this more often than not I am drawn in to specific areas before I have even finished the initial scan and so I am guided much by what the horse asks for and needs!

I sent this report to the owner with the summary below (I have amended it slightly for this post). If you would like a report of your healing session I can do this for £10. I need to know at the time of the healing if you would like this so I can ensure my notes are a bit more in depth to write it up once home.


Daisy reacted to the healing energy instantly, there was almost a sigh of relief from her as she gave me her head and allowed the healing in, she was very open and accepting. I stayed with her there at her head for some time initially just connecting in with her and allowing the healing to where it was needed.

I started an initial scan and felt over on the left side, her back felt ok she didn’t appear to be holding any trauma in that area, just slight heat at the top of her withers. She had heat on her stifle which I believe is to do with her self-preservation mode. I didn’t scan over her tummy area as she was very sensitive here and there was no need.

I started work on her base chakra concentrating on grounding and running the healing energy down through her back legs. She felt quite grounded and not very flighty – she’s more of a fight than flight horse. However the base chakra is to do with self-preservation and covers the legs which is what I believe the heat in her stifles relates to and so I sent a lot of healing into this area. She let go of emotions here doing a lot of physical releasing as she allowed this.

I then worked on her sacral chakra, I instantly felt anxiety within me and she was very sensitive in this area. This area is about empowerment, security and emotions as well as the physical areas of the lymphatic system and reproductive areas (there are others but I am just listing the ones I feel relevant to Daisy). I worked on this area gently with her, I stepped away and went back to it so it wasn’t too much for her and she accepted the healing. I welled up with tears in this area, she was holding a lot of emotion within which we released together.

I then worked on the heart area, I didn’t want to touch her chest as she is sensitive there and so it is better to work at a distance and go slowly. She let me in very quickly and I kept a hand on her brachial chakra, her connection to humans, as we worked through the heart issues. I felt the energy was stuck and not free flowing so I worked on smoothing this out and envisaging the area flowing freely both energetically and the physically. The heart chakra links to love, emotions, tenderness, forgiveness, balance and sharing; physically it relates to heart, lungs, thymus and part of the immune system. She took in a lot of healing to this area and had a very big stretch. I saw a man when working on this area, very disrespectful and bullying of her, it may have been a vet or someone who handled her but she felt the area had been intruded on with no respect or thought for her.

Next I went to the solar plexus area and she let me in initially but as I went deeper she then started avoiding, walking around a little, trying to eat and then getting frustrated and

bitey when not allowed, this was then a mix of her avoiding some deeper issues and also being told she couldn’t eat her haynet and that being told no really upsets her as her choice is taken away. I stepped away from the area for a bit and then went back, I went in and out going as gently as I could and she did finally accept healing into the area and release some emotion, she holds a lot here and again I felt a bit tearful, as the healing settles in and she digests it she will release more in her own time. This area is about release of emotions, reason, freedom of spirit, survival, will power, sense of purpose – all the things she struggles with so it’s not really surprising she got so defensive when I got to this area. Holding everything there has been her way of surviving.

I swapped sides as she had moved around and worked more on the solar plexus, it was ongoing with her in that she would relax, soften and let go but then tense and get angry and frustrated again. I concentrated on her throat area for a bit this is about communication, I said to her that as well as the human reading the horse the horse has to read the human and she needs to trust her owner was doing all she could and working for her best interests, it worked both ways “I’m trying” are the words that came through during this link. As well as communication the throat chakra connects to expression, release and healing. She soaked up a lot of healing here.

I worked on her head and brow chakra, this seemed very free and didn’t need healing too much other than to release her thoughts a little, but she seemed quite together here. This relates to understanding, insights, sense of wholeness and her higher mental self. It feels like although she struggles with her lack of control she does have an understanding of why life is the way it is for horses, can’t necessarily accept this but understands it.

I worked on her crown chakra specifically connecting to the horse consciousness to help her with her feeling of frustration at not being able to choose for herself and being told what to do. She did seem quite together in this area too so I just strengthened the link, this area is about soul, spirit, calmness, peace, release and wisdom – she does feel very wise!

During the healing I worked on the brachial chakra at all times I felt it was very important to keep that connection with her owner throughout to reassure Daisy her owner was here for her greater good and would provide for her needs and she did not need to worry. The brachial is about relationship to mankind, instinct, healing, unity and awareness.

At the end I worked on her stomach area, it felt a bit fizzy, like a sherbet dip! I sent lots of calming energy into this and wondered if charcoal or something to help ulcers might help her here. I smoothed this area on both sides.


Daisy is extremely protective of herself, it is instinctual and when a feeling arises she automatically reacts to it in the way she knows how, this can be over dramatic as her warning signs in the past have either not been noticed or have been ignored. However she is extremely forgiving and does not mean anything maliciously, she has not held on to too much negativity as a result of this. I did wonder if she had a foal as she was sensitive in the area where a foal suckles and this has sometimes come through as a result of having a foal and then it being taken away, especially this time of year. However nothing specific saying this came to me. Also the tears in the sacral chakra often link to the loss of a foal.

She wants to try and is very giving underneath the teeth! She struggles with freedom of choice and if this is taken away, feeling of security and protection – I do believe this will improve over time as she learns to trust and build relationships with people and other horses. There was no feeling of strong bonds with other horses, almost a feeling of aloofness when concentrating on that, I think it would be beneficial if she let her walls done and some relationships in so hopefully over time she will allow this when she realises she doesn’t have to fight for everything and as she learns to trust her current life and routine.

I drew any negative energy down into the ground including the mud fever in her legs and netted emotions which were burned above as a way of release.

She could be very misunderstood in the wrong hands and without the right understanding life would be a battle of wills but she will try so hard with the right handling, positive reinforcement.

I feel essential oils may be beneficial to her, (I am not an expert in these but it might be something worth looking in to) she was so open to the healing so I think she would be quite sensitive to these. For example Peppermint oil helps with animals who are bullied or bully, those who are sensitive about their personal space, defensive aggression; and Bergamot is good for mood swings.

Finally I use crystals a lot, Rose Quartz is a lovely crystal for horses it helps horses forgive and let go of resentment. Great if a horse is aloof, lonely or isolated it helps the horse learn about love in a gentle way. Moonstone helps with hormones, mood swings and helps calm. Tigers eye will help with the solar plexus, good for mood swings, will power, self confidence and releases tension.

If you decided to look in to crystals there are many ways you can use them, you can wear them yourself when around Daisy as jewellery or tumble stones in your pocket, you can place them in the stable (safely so there is no risk of them eating them) and some you can put in their water – but you need to know what you are doing as some would be poisonous if digested and they should have a choice of water one with the crystals in and one without.

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