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Ongoing Case Study - Dog rescued from Romania

There is a dog I am going to be visiting every couple of weeks to try and assist her with some healing and I am going to blog each session, it's quite a learning experience for me a type of case I have not come across before and so I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.

Bella is a 3 year old bitch re-homed from Romania. She has struggled to settle in and always wants to escape, and will not be touched. She was in the rescue centre in Romania for about a year before coming to her home in the UK, it is believed she had pups. She can't be taken out on walks because you can't touch her, no chance of getting a lead on her and if you did she wouldn't understand and would just panic more. She has in the past scratched at the doors continuously to get out the house, and any chance to get out she takes. She was very messy in the house with toilet habits and this has slowly improved and the owners have even built her a luxury kennel. Her owners have been working very hard to do all they can for her and she has come a long way already, she will take treats and has learned her name and to be called with the other dogs. They are small steps but also huge.

I met Bella whilst she was in her kennel, the door was opened and we stood back and she had a very joyful energy about seeing her owner and the other dogs, she was very submissive and nervous at the same time.

I started by sitting on a chair in the kitchen and feeding her a few treats with the other dogs and her human family around, she was happy taking treats from me and licked my hand and put her head into my lap space for the treat (no touching but in the body space), at no point did I try to touch her. I then sat with her one to one for a while in another room. She took a treat from me initially but when she realised she was by herself she backed away completely and was fearful. She does not trust easily and expects the worst.

I spent some time trying to connect with her from a distance focusing on the heart energy but she was very defensive in her energy and not allowing anything in to start with –I hadn’t

experienced an animal quite so defensive in their energy like this and so I respected her and we went very slowly. She took to doing a low growl, this was not aggressive this was her communicating her unease at the situation. I pressed a little more and she did let me in, though the growl continued her head lowered as we connected. She showed me every time a human has touched her it has been a trauma, an invasion of her self and power. In particular she seemed to have awful memories of being spayed, this was particularly horrific for her however it was done, she was completely overpowered in body and spirit. I kept sending love energy and saw her surrounded in green, the green kept coming in which is the heart chakra and so she needs lots of love. She could not understand the love connection or that feeling, it’s something she needs to learn and let in. I tried to go through each of her chakras but she reacted each time I started, her base chakra was particularly all over the place (interestingly this chakra relates to survival, when this is out of balance animals will show fear and perhaps anger; it also relates to grounding and she really needs more of this and being outside in nature is one of the best ways – but of course very tricky for her to be able to do when she wants to escape!). As I tried to go deeper with the connection she started barking and got more uncomfortable so I decided we should stop for a bit as it was very overwhelming for her. We went back to the kitchen with the others and she again accepted treats from my hand. She very much looks to the other dogs for security.

After a break I went back in to the other room with her but this time took one of the other

dogs in with me to bring her a bit of comfort, even with him in there when the healing was focused on her she did struggle, however Jim the other dog settled almost on my lap and so Bella settled a bit more.

I started working through her chakras again and every time I started on a new one she would whine a little but then let it in and so by the end I had managed to do a bit of balancing on each one. During the second connection I felt her need for feeling safe, she had only ever relied on herself for this and only trusted herself, she needed to find her safe place herself and so she would go out looking for this, it’s for her to decide and take care of herself where she should be and where is safe to stop and so at the moment though she is settled and starting to accept where she is slowly her spaces are still not on her terms so I focused a lot on asking her to look to her people for the safety and to trust that they put this first for her and she did not need to concern herself.

I felt very much rose quartz crystals nearby would help her open up her heart energy to start letting more in. Jim was a great help he brought in a lot of grounding energy which was passed to her. Other crystals that may help her are Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline both great grounding energies to help with her base chakra, Black Tourmaline is also very protective which can also support her.

As much as possible all interaction must be positive, every time a hand reaches she has flashbacks of fear and loss of power and pain, these memories need to be rewritten. There’s no point in putting a lead on her she won’t understand it or the pressure it causes and it will just result in more traumatic memories and panic. She seems to have come a long way already, she is accepting of the household she just needs to learn to trust, love and accept this is now her permanent safe place and that she no longer needs to search to find this for herself.

Physically her head felt very tight and a bit painful due to the anxiety she feels.

I finished sending her protection and smoothing around her aura.

The session with Bella was really no more than half an hour as it’s difficult for her to have me in her space even at opposite sides of the room so I will visit again and build up our connection as she learns to trust me and the energy I am bringing. I am hopeful she will open up more and do feel that she will get there, it will take time for her to realise not all humans want to manhandle her and do horrible things. She is already looking to her people when she is uncomfortable so she is heading in the right direction. It almost feels like a switch will go off in her head when she will take a deep breath, let go and realise everything is ok and as it should be...... we can but hope!

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