• Kathryn Hulland

Bella - Second Visit

It’s been 2 weeks since I saw Bella. Upon arrival she was bouncing around with the other dogs at the excitement of the doorbell going, she looked and felt very much part of the family and felt very joyful.

I sat with her in the out-room again and had some treats, I started with her by herself and fed her some treats, she took these cautiously from me which was huge progress as last time when by herself with me she would not approach me even with a treat incentive. I sat on the floor and fed her a few treats before connecting in with her, she stood opposite me (out of reach). The first feeling I got was an overwhelming sadness at a loss she had suffered, it didn’t feel like puppies more like a friend who she looked to and she became very vulnerable and puppy like in her energy when focusing on this.


Bella when she was looking to escape (this wasn't during the session).

During the session she laid down opposite me, I interrupted the session a couple of times to give her a some treats as I could sense she found the session and energy intense and so I felt it right to break it up for her a little. I worked through her chakras balancing through them but it was her heart energy that was the main focus. Each time I pushed a little deeper she would let out a small growl, it was only a quick one and then she would release a bit (unlike last time when she was more stressed and growled a lot more throughout, she was unsure of letting any in last time so it was great to see her so much more open this time).

I focused more on the companion she feels she’s lost and her accepting this, when she accepts this loss and that this companion cannot be found she will again take further steps forward as this will be another acceptance of her new life and future. I also spent time grounding her and connecting her to the upper consciousness. In horses I call this the horse consciousness so I suppose with dogs it’s the dog consciousness. I feel it helps animals to process their lives and accept them with us humans when they can call on this support.

I spent a little time on her brachial chakra too, she was quite defensive in this area and so I worked gently with it, this is to do with her human connection and human memories she has stored, I focussed on releasing the old to allow in the new positive memories of what humans can bring to her life.

By the end of the session Bella was laying down with her head resting on her legs, her eyes kept

shutting and she was very soft in her expression having taken a lot on; she was nodding off. Her energy more happy this time, no doubt due to 2 weeks more time to settle in with her family and of course this time she knew more about who I was and what I was about so she was more comfortable in my presence. This is an example of why shorter regular sessions can be better for fearful animals; they need to build up the trust in me and breaking it down is the way forward so as not to overwhelm them. The healing is for them to choose to accept, I hold the space and offer it; sometimes I push a little if I feel it is right but it is the animal who guides how the healing progresses and for that reason short sessions allowing them to build up trust is very important.


Bella curled up on a chair with her people

Since my last visit Bella has been progressing more, she isn't looking to escape quite as much as she was and she is curling up on a chair near her humans. She even allowed a stroke on her back on one occasion a huge step forward. She does like her people you can see and feel that in her and she allows herself into their space, she just needs to relearn that human touch is not something to be feared and is not about taking away her own power and control.

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