• Kathryn Hulland

Distance Healing

Two beautiful distance healings done yesterday evening a cat and a pony. Distance healing was something I took a bit longer to get my head around.... how could that work?! Now I realise of course everything is connected and it's not just the physical body in person we connect with there is so much more to it and distance healing is hugely effective. In fact sometimes more communication comes through this way.

To do a distance healing I need a photo I then set up a crystal grid having tuned into the animal and what I feel is needed. I prepare myself and the room and connect to the animal. I do a overall healing balancing through the chakras and focusing on any areas I am more drawn to. I write down anything that comes to me from the animal then do a report to the owner after.

I sometimes offer a free follow up distance healing for a horse if I feel there's some things left unsaid, a healing session can be very full on for the animal and so revisiting this way a couple of weeks later can be very beneficial. Each horse is different for some one healing session is enough and they are very open and relax and release freely. Others a few sessions are needed to fully get to the root of any troubles, each horse (dog etc) has its own story and way of coping. I feel it's very important not to over face a particularly sensitive horse and break down sessions accordingly and distance healing is a great way to do this 💖

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