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Responses to Healing

I had a fantastic weekend, so happy to be able to drum a journey for the Horses Voice family to connect with their power animals, and what a wonderful journey it was for all - I so love this type of shamanic work and my drum was singing, I've never heard it sound like that before it was beautiful <3

Yesterday I saw 4 amazing horses 3 Thoroughbreds and one Thoroughbred x Irish Draft so it was definitely a Thoroughbred day! I love TBs, when I left school I initially worked at a racing yard in Newmarket and that feeling of riding up the gallops will stay with me forever, sadly so will the way they were kept and treated - however little did I know just how invaluable that experience would be some 15 years (ok more, how old am I..?) later.

Each horse responds differently to healing there is the text book this is what should happen: Horse accepts healing, relaxes, releases - it rarely works just like that though! There will always be similarities but never exactly the same. A bit like when I start a healing session I explain how I will work, then after the explanation say "but it probably won't go like that" and prime example was yesterday when the horse just wanted so much healing to the head area and so I focused a lot more there than I normally would, I am always guided by the horse (or dog/cat etc)

There are normally issues to get out of the way which is part of the healing and which horses can find difficult to go through. Some will release a little the moment I connect with them feeling the energy, so often a horse will start yawning the moment I connect, others though may not release fully until I've finished the session, some may not feel safe enough yet to relax fully and release at all until they are back out in their field with their friends (this is why I say no riding etc for 24 hours after to allow full processing time). If a horse really struggles and has a lot to work through I recommend a second visit, and a distance healing in between can be very beneficial. I have seen it often when a horse who is new to healing accepts it but does not fully engage, yet on the second visit it is completely different and open, this is because the first healing has had time to take effect and the horse understands more about the energy.

One horse yesterday was very open and another a closed book, it's not something that can be forced the healing is sent with love and support and goes where it is needed to help the horse in the best way.

It was very interesting working with the ex racer who came direct from a racing yard 7 months ago, he had an injury so did not race last year and was turned away but this year he is back in work (not training) and he has this huge anticipation within him of what is to come, it's the time of year when he would have started going out racing and he is expecting this and on edge as a result.

Another ex racer is very depressed, struggling with the change in his life and quite shut down. Such a loving boy but finding it hard to cope with life. Lots of love and support was sent to him, when I finished I had to make sure he was back with us so as not to be surprised by anything!

And on that note time to go and see the beautiful Jojo - I spend so much time seeing other horses I don't get to spend enough time with her! <3

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