• Kathryn Hulland

All you need is time...

Another wonderful day today <3 I started with a second visit to a horse who had not been in his home long first time I saw him. He just could not accept the healing fully in the last session, he reacted to the energy and took a little but he did not feel in a safe enough place to be able to relax and accept. He had so much going on so I decided to cut it short, do a distance healing a couple of weeks later and then go and see him again once he had had a chance to settle, be with his herd and realise this was his life now.

And so I saw him today and did the session out in the field with his new herd and wow what a difference! He instantly reacted to the healing and accepted it, lots of releasing and the heart energy flowed, it was wonderful to see and feel. I could feel what a different place he was in, still a little way to go but such a huge improvement.

I wish more people could give their new horses this time to get used to their new environment, their new human, join a herd and just be for a bit before too much is asked - it is immensely healing for the horse to be given this adjustment time - after all everything has changed for them plus you are dealing with any issues they bring with them.

A friend came with me to watch as she is very interested in animal healing and then we went to town for lunch and a wander. No better way to spend the day than healing horses and with great friends <3

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