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A day of horse healing!

This is a guest blog I wrote for Kapparel specialists in equine clothing.

My name is Kathryn and I am an approved Horses Voice Equine Healer. I work 4 days a week in an office job as a paralegal and work the other 3 and some evenings as a healer. My specialism is horses but I offer my services to all animals and people. I have a horse on loan Jojo a 14.3hh skewbald mare, I say we are happy hackers but even that only happens once in a blue moon! I love just hanging out with the herd, sitting in the field or the round bale feeder whilst they munch around me.

What's a typical day like for you?

7.30am up to walk Magic my 10 year old Standard Poodle who is always bouncing around and waiting for me to get dressed so he can get out. We usually walk down by the river for an hour and it’s beautiful as the sun rises.

8.30am time for breakfast and sort Magic to leave ensuring no food is within his reach! The dog walker will be in later to take him out. Sometimes he comes with me but gets a bit bored stuck in the car for so long. What time I leave the house depends on where I am travelling, appointments normally start from 11am but it depends where I am travelling to, sometimes the appointments are on my doorstep in Exeter other times it’s all the way to Penzance for the day. Today I am heading to Bristol.

11am arrive at first appointment, luckily the sat nav appears to have got me to the right place though I’m not sure it took me the quickest way, apparently it should have taken 5 minutes off the main road, it took 20 mins…… don’t trust my satnav….

I introduce myself to Michelle the owner of the horse I am due to see. She takes me to Snoopy her beautiful 16hh thoroughbred who she has owned for 6 months. I ask her to fill in the paperwork and say hello to Snoopy whilst she does this. I ask if there’s specific issues she’d like me to focus on. She tells me Snoopy is an ex-race horse and very spooky but otherwise seems ok. I start my healing session with him and work through balancing his energy and focussing on areas I am drawn to. He’s very accepting of the healing relaxing into it and releasing a lot. He holds a lot of anxiety about life in general and is struggling to feel safe, time and a herd and gaining a pair bond will help with this. Hopefully this may help the spookiness once he is feeling safe. When a horse does not feel safe many other things cannot fall in to place.

12.30 It’s time to head to my next appointment which is about half an hour away (so the satnav says…). Arrive on time and meet Wendy. I am visiting her pony Trevor who she bought 2 years ago for her daughter. As she fills in the form I introduce myself to Trevor and go through a healing session with him. He struggles to let his guard down and take it in at first, there is a fine line to this, some horses it’s worth pushing a bit others it’s better to come back another day. As Trevor has been in his home for 2 years and trusts his owner I decide to push on a little. When working on his base chakra I can sense his fear that he holds. He is a very classic moorland pony, lived feral then rounded up, went to sales and moved to various homes and he is holding on to this trauma, it’s something I come across often. We work through this and he lets go with a huge sigh and then yawns over and over and I leave it there as it was a huge step for him. He would benefit from a follow up session and I leave it with Wendy to contact me if she feels she would like this.

4pm and I arrive at my final stop of the day back near Exeter. I meet Susan and her horse a friendly bay gelding called Henry who she has owned for 10 years. Susan felt Henry had been less connected with her lately, almost like he didn't want to be around her. I went through my normal process connecting, scanning the Henry over and balancing through the chakras then turned to focus on the areas I had picked up on. Henry was holding on to a lot of emotion for Susan, as the session progressed it turned out Susan has recently had a bereavement and has been bottling up a lot of emotion and it was this Henry is reacting to in her. Our horses will react to our energy and they need us to be authentic and free with our emotions. Tears started falling from Susan's face and with that Henry started licking and chewing and yawning, they were releasing what was held by both together which is always a very special healing.

6.30pm It's my day to bring the horses in, it's been a long day so I don't spend much time with them but bring all 5 in and tuck them up for the night (another month and they can all stay out again hooray!)

7.30pm I arrive home, my partner has walked Magic and it's time for dinner, I then write up my notes and do a report for the clients that wanted one, finally time to chill out for the evening!

Tell us about your horse of a lifetime...

Tigger without doubt was my horse (well pony) of a lifetime. He is a Dartmoor who I bought in 2006 at 6 months old, he had been used in a demo to show how you should handle feral ponies but he didn't take to be lassoed and pulled by the neck so when I got him not only was he unhandled he had a huge fear of people, ropes and pressure. I spent hours sat in the field with him (he lived in a herd with our other Dartmoors and some horses when I helped run the Dartmoor Pony Training Centre). I sat on his hay as he munched as he slowly trusted me more. I built up to small touches. I used clicker training to teach everything including touch, leading, moving over, obstacles, walking out on the road and at 7 years old he was backed and we happily hacked out. He taught me so much about my own body language, breath and opened me up to a whole different way to being with horses.

What is your least favourite part of having horses?

Mud..... I have cried exhausted carrying bales of hay for the rescue ponies through knee deep must in the past, I don’t like it!!

What is your 1 top tip for balancing horses with the rest of your life?

Well the horses come first don’t they…. ?! Everything else must wait and an understanding partner helps with that. Having a few people around who you trust and can help you out when needed is invaluable, never take that for granted and return the favour on occasion.

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