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I am planning to do a better video and explain how you can ground yourself and open your heart energy to your horse. Many people do this daily and are able to just be with there horses, others though have very busy minds!

When healing horses I have to ensure my energy is right so they will accept me, if my energy is wrong they will not allow me in to do any healing, and they may not even trust me; it is therefore a daily process for me of grounding, ensuring my breathing is correct, being out in nature and regular meditation to ensure I keep my energy right for healing, and it is vital I am self aware to know when my energy is off balance. I cannot heal if I am ill and I cannot heal if I have my own emotional trauma as either the horse will not come near me or they may just send healing to me instead.

What I love about having to be grounded and having an open heart energy with the horses is how they just want to be around you and how chilled out they become. It amazes me how often when I first approach a horse to introduce myself they drop their heads, start licking and chewing sometimes even yawning because they instantly feel the energy I am bringing with me. Not every horse has this reaction but it is lovely when it happens as it is also a sign of how receptive to it they will be!

Whilst stood with the horses today I decided to start filming. It's quite hard to do when in the moment and it did interrupt the flow a little but Baly didn't seem to mind and was soon back in the zone. I didn't connect too deeply as I only had a few minutes and so that would have been unfair. You will see he ends up with his nose resting on my heart area. When I say I am going to turn off the video you soon see a change in his energy as he feels the change in mine.

I am showing you this just as a way of being with your horse. So many people say I wish I could do what you do with the healing - and I truly believe everyone can though it takes working on ourselves to get to a point when you can go deeper with them. However on a level of being with them in this way we just need to practice being grounded, stilling the mind and opening the heart, then before you know it they will be flocking around chilling out and enjoying just being in your company, no expectations. At the same time you will be gaining quietness and time just being which is hugely beneficial for our mental state, it will help with stress, anxiety and many other issues we humans have! Both you and your horse will be having healing time together.

This is a video I took a few weeks ago where I held a space for the horses Jojo was yawning her head off!

In the future I will be running workshops which can help you connect in this way, it will include meditation, mindfulness, reiki healing for people with ponies around who may step in and help and just being with the herd; by the end you will have learned how to be grounded, to clear your mind and be in the moment and connect on a heart level with the horses and I am very excited to be able to bring this to people. If you are interested to get in touch and I will ensure you receive any updates when we have them with more information, dates etc.

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