• Kathryn Hulland

A Healing with Princess


Came from the New Forest sales. 4 years old.

Initially I connected with Princess on her shoulder and then had a first scan over but I was drawn to stay at her shoulder. I felt she had anxiety but covered it well. She was very edgy in her energy in that way. She tries so hard to please and get things right and you could not tell her off as she would just become a wreck. She had a lot of emotion which was quite overwhelming at times a deep sadness like a grief. I let her come and go in to the healing as I felt it was a bit overwhelming for her.

She showed me images of her head over someone’s shoulder she craves a bond with a human who she grieves for, a deep one to one relationship. She also showed me being bullied by another horse hard to see the colour as it came across as almost like a black dragon representative of being pushed around. When asked I seemed to see a bay type horse with a white stripe.

She felt she had been violently separated from her mum and then faced with this bullying horse with no support which had left her always feeling quite vulnerable, at times she seemed younger than her years because of this. She craves love and understanding so much.

She needs support, she drew me to her legs but again this was emotional, we didn’t go into anything physical it was all emotional for her at the moment. She drew me to her legs and was saying she needed support around her, she held it together but it wasn’t easy for her and she wanted horse and humans to help support her too not just the other way around as it was a strain on her.

I found heat on her heart area too and focussed there. I had to take my hands off and go in gently there and on the shoulders as she found it intense, hence I also let her come in and out of it a bit.

I did a bit of grounding with her and also connecting up to the horse consciousness through her crown working on both of these simultaneously again as a way for her to feel support and safe.

I also found heat in the stifle areas, this again seemed to be emotional, her escape. She then asked me to go to her solar plexus area which I did and she released a lot from this area.

We had licking, chewing, yawning, a stretch etc and she released quite a bit during the session. At the end I stood by her head and sent her lots of love and support and again her emotion overwhelmed me.

Princess has many layers to her, on the surface she is a happy give all she’s got horse as she tries so much, underneath she is insecure, grieving and anxious though I do believe when she finds her person she will be able to let go of all of this.

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