• Kathryn Hulland

A Healing with Trigger

Case Study – Trigger – 14hh pony ridden regularly by 12 year old girl.

Trigger felt very angry about people intruding into his personal space. Underneath the anger is a huge sadness which I worked with to help him release. I had to work gently and go in slowly for him as he was a little defensive and would “pretend bite” with ears back. He slowly accepted the healing more and I built up the energy when the time was right and he let out a huge release.

I worked on his base chakra and he initially kicked out and so again I worked slowly, he is defensive and protective of his personal space. Underneath the bites and kicking he is a very vulnerable pony. I feel he is feeling his feet at the moment and asking questions, a huge amount has changed for him in the last year and he is now just feeling he has a voice to ask questions – like he was a little shut down before. I advised the owner of the fine balance with him ensuring he feels secure and safe and allowing him his voice, but also ensuring he has the boundaries he needs – underneath he feels like a very young vulnerable foal.

I felt huge joyful happiness about being ridden, he does love this, much of it is because of the one to one connection he gets when in that moment. He likes people to take the time to see him and be with him, sometimes it can be rushed and disconnected and he really dislikes this.

He very much mirrored his young owner. I got this sense from his sacral area almost like they were both going through similar changes, growing up and emotions and so bounce off each other in that way. He wanted his young owner to open up to him when she is feeling she is struggling with anything, he wants her to be authentic and not bottle things up around him. He released a lot when his young owner was there and we were talking about this, lots of big yawns. I sent lots of healing to him for acceptance, love, support and allowing him to release the sadness.

It did feel like he had lost a companion at some point, I wondered if this was in his past home though then it transpired he had recently moved fields and was with different horses.

Overall for him there has been a lot of change and he needs consistency for him to learn to accept his new life, he is finding his feet and doesn’t know how to cope with it all at times. I sent in healing to help him with this.

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