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Releasing emotion through Reiki

An article about releasing emotion and Reiki. Reiki is a powerful healing method but it can bring up uncomfortable emotions this is because it's working on healing us but to do so the emotions being locked in need to arise, be acknowledged and released. It can be a difficult process to go through but it is what needs to happen for us and our animals to heal. If you are storing emotion this can result in physical and emotional unbalance.

The same works for animals I often have to work through some tough emotion which can come out as anger in a kick or bite, this is fine I have lost count of the times an owner says they don't normally do that and apologise, this isn't needed and we certainly musn't tell them off for it, we have to allow them to work through what's arising (as long as we are safe)! I work gently so it isn't too much in one go and will come and go to an area that is sensitive. If it's a deep issue I find a distance healing and/or follow up visit very useful as this gives the animal time to process the healing so far. It's remarkable how often when I do go back they have managed to release that emotion more fully themselves, having been given the initial outlet and healing unblocking the energies so allowing them to flow fluidly around the body. Sometimes their tears are shed through me as I feel the emotion and well up and cry for them.

"A common cause of tears is a release of an emotional block, especially related to a loss. Many people are uncomfortable expressing feelings of grief and loss. They may have been told it is time to “get over it and move on” when a loved one dies, a marriage ends in divorce, or a cherished job was lost. The feelings are still there, but to uphold an appearance of strength, the person fights against expressing the emotions. These emotions stay inside, festering into emotional blocks and possibly causing physical problems. The healing energies of Reiki can release these blocks, and the tears come."

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