• Kathryn Hulland

What draws you to horses and what do they mean to you?

I cannot remember when it started; my obsession with horses has always been there perhaps because I was born in the Chinese year of the horse! They have always been a part of my very soul, excited as a child every time I saw them and grateful as a teenager to while away my days in the countryside riding and being with the horses and ponies away from everything else.

But why do I love them? What is it about them that draws me in, that speaks to me and leaves me feeling empty when I can’t be around them. They are beautiful that goes without saying. They are mesmerizing to watch whether galloping across the fields or grazing peacefully. They are a miracle of evolution with their long necks, sturdy bodies, strong powerful legs ready to run in a split second but they are also able to trust and build relationships given time allowing us to enjoy so many activities with them. It never ceases to amaze me that they allow us on their backs and there is nothing quite like the feeling of partnership whether plodding along the lanes or galloping free along a beach – they give us freedom, exhilaration, peace and calm. They are pure.

Of course they also give us lots of physical hard work, emotional ups and downs and often financial issues; the gallops may not always be enjoyable when you discover you have no brakes and the quiet plod around the lane isn’t necessarily that, it can involve the odd sideway dance or pirouette - but of course that’s all worth it just to feel their soft muzzle as their breath reaches you in a slobbery horse kiss J

For me the best thing about them is sitting quietly in their presence, quietening my mind and feeling them, becoming part of the herd at one with them. In these moments I feel that underlying pull for what it is – so many people do not understand it and on occasion during the very tough times of horse ownership neither have I but when I sit quietly and just be I understand 100% why; they listen, they advise, they talk to us and they feel and understand us; you may not feel it on a day to day basis as life whizzes around in our heads but it’s there, the horse chord reaches in and pulls no matter what. Still no idea why it does for some of us and not others but I am forever grateful this horse chord chose me to connect with, it’s made my life whole and exciting!

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