• Kathryn Hulland

A Healing with Dollar

Dollar – ridden horse suffers with severe separation anxiety

I first scanned Dollar over and I could feel his anxiety it was like all his nerve endings are on fire and then a kind of nausea passes through him and he just doesn’t stop in his head.

I started on his shoulder letting him feel the energy and then worked down the meridian lines in his neck, he did allow healing in and there was the odd lick and chew and his eye would soften on occasion but he couldn’t relax fully as he was too anxious about what was happening outside. I balanced through his chakras, did some grounding with him which he responded well to with some licking and chewing and then focused on his sacral and solar plexus areas for a bit. I sent in lots of healing to this area as this is where much of his anxiety is held. He felt quite frustrated at the lack of choice (something a lot of horses feel), his anxiety felt like it was about not being able to watch the others and keep an eye on things, it wasn’t about him feeling insecure away from others but more worried what might happen if he were not there, what might he miss out on and his need to keep everything in check, he feels powerless when he is unable to do this. He felt like he would take on responsibility and his owner advised he is always the “boss”, this doesn’t help with the anxiety if a horse who is anxious takes on this the extra responsibility they tend to become a bit more edgier and anxious which has happened with Dollar. Sometimes taking that responsibility away can help but that means finding a horse he will allow to be in charge plus risking some battling while they find their positions so it’s not really an option! However it does give a bit of understanding how feeling this extra responsibility adds to his anxiety and need to always know what is happening.

Whilst working on the solar plexus area he was showing me images of him having a close bond with others when he was younger and then one day they are just not there and he can’t understand what happens or why; this too has made him more anxious about whether things will be the same each time he is taken away and hence the frustration of feeling like he has no control of life.

Horses don’t dwell on things like we do but they do store the emotions within their body and when things happen they can result in flashbacks. Dollar’s anxiety is like a habit and long term memory stored within him which is reactivated whenever he has to be taken away from his companion/s

I walked around the stable with him a little bit but didn’t put much pressure on, sometimes with anxious horses you can switch the brain a little with some ground work and then they focus on the healing more but with him he is too in his head and I sensed this would not work for him just yet, his anxiety would just rise and he’d get more tense and panicky.

Working on his heart area there does feel a deep sadness within which again relates to the anxiety and root cause but he wasn’t very open. He was very in and out of the healing because of his anxiety though did accept some in different areas. I sent lots of reassurance to him whilst working with him and tried to work on his head area a bit asking him to let go and see about switching the brain off a bit.

Overall he felt very well in himself and quite together, he is generally content it is just this anxiety at the moment which seems to overrule anything else.

I often find for horses like Dollar a short session with a couple of short follow ups are much more beneficial and they tend to be able to relax in to the healings more with each session. Hopefully a few healing sessions will help but it does seem to be a huge part of just who he is. I would suggest for the next healing session we try it in the field with his companion there to enable him to feel as safe and relaxed as possible.​SML

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