• Kathryn Hulland

A Healing with Henry

Henry – Not much known about him. Unknown if he has been ridden before.

On initial look Henry has a soft eye and is a well put together nice looking horse. I started with connecting on his shoulder and had compete avoidance after initial contact, he walked around, started cribbing and walked through his owner. There was a lot he did not want to go into. So I stood back as the energy was too much and sent lots of love to him to start with. Each time I got a bit deeper and asked questions he would avoid and get angry. He has 2 totally different sides and there is really no warning with him as to when he is going to change.

I felt like he liked to have a job to do, he once felt he had his life mapped out in front of him and was ok about it and then it all changed. I felt negative energy built up on his right shoulder and later just looking at him his shoulders were different. He wanted the healing, but he didn’t. He did release a little with a couple of yawns but it was very tough for him and so I ended the session there. He would do well from another short healing sessions and then a session to push him a little but more to enable him to release and break down the anger he holds. It feels like he has been bullied and wants to have his say and feel empowered but he has lost this completely. This is with humans but shows with horses too his frustration. He lost his faith in humanity a bit and is slowly building that up again but is quick to anger as a result. I believe this is part of why he tries to barge through and gets so angry because when he’s asked to do something he does not want to this reminds him of his power loss and he is determined not to lose all his power again, he is very frustrated.

I continued to send him lots of heart energy and love which he does accept for now.

Whoever works with him needs to build up a partnership, anyone new coming in who he thinks is asking too much or pushing him around he will get angry. If he can build a partnership so he looks on them as if they are asking and as having mutual respect he will work much better but that balance has to be met for him to respond well. Any threat of bullying, pushing around, asking too much and he will react at the moment. Whatever happens to him his person needs to understand this and take the time to just hang out with him, walks in hand and lots of ground work to build this up. Ideally he should be able to live out with a steady herd, to learn to enjoy life and the safety of continuity. Time living like this will be a huge healer for him.

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