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My Experience - the courses

My own ongoing personal development is very important to me to ensure I am always in the best place possible to offer healing but also to bring as much as I can to my sessions to help you and your animals.

Lafayette Equine Healing & Communication Association Certificate Training

Horse Healing - Horses Voice Equine Healer - 2.5 year course

I trained with Elaine for 2 years before becoming an Approved Horses Voice Healer. I continued healing under this umbrella for a couple of years attending regular workshops with Elaine and being assessed by her each year. I am no longer a member of the Association as my path is taking me in another direction for now and so I am unable to attend the necessary workshops but hopefully in time I will again!

The course included much personal growth and development to ensure I am in a position to offer healing, in addition:

  • UK veterinary law, Health & Safety around horses

  • What causes a horse to be labelled a “problem”

  • Causes of emotional trauma in horses

  • The horses emotions

  • Relationship issues between horse and rider

  • How to translate the horses actions

  • Right/ Left brain, Horses Aura

  • and much more!

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Shamanic Practitioners Course

I spent a year training in shamanic practices with the Healing Tree Centre. I work with nature and spirit. Read more about Shamanic healing here via The Healing Tree Centre.

The teachings I explored (info via their website) were:

Creation - Air Introduction to journeying, Energy body awareness, Ceremony of the drum, Spirit as teachers, Circle of reality, Lower world journeying, Earth walk, Upper world journeying, Meeting our Totems, Transformational Drum Healing, Air Ceremony. Sacred site visit with ceremony. Creating your own personal mesa bag for healing. Case Studies.

Strength - Fire Opening fire ceremony, Earth walks and awareness, Journeying, The wounded healer, Shamanic view of illness, and healing, Walk of attention, Merging with animals, Dance of power, Working with the elements, Healing fire ceremony. Hunter / prey, Understanding shamanic view of power, Healing bundles, Sacred Site Visit with ceremony. Power animal retrieval. Sacred pipe ceremony. Guardianship of the Grandfather. Case Studies.

Expansion - Water Earth walks and awareness, Middle world journeys, Ceremony as an act,, Elementals, Shamanic healing - extraction work, Working with ancestral helpers, Sacred site visit with ceremony, Ancestral healing, Cord cutting, , Space clearance, Water ceremony. Case Studies.

Solidity - Earth Understanding soul loss, Mending the fragmented soul with retrieval. Soul remembrance, Soul theft, Elementals and the Middle world, Sacred site visit with ceremony, Ritual from different traditions. Rock seeing. The Dance of your Animal. Earth Ceremony. Responsibilities with clients. Shamanic Counselling. Case Studies.

Abundance – Spirit/Ether Completion session leading to Shamanic Practitioners Certificate. Healing review. Shaman as psychopomp. Plant spirits as allies. Sacred site visit with ceremony.

Holistic Gateway

  • Intuitive Atlantian Crystal Healing

  • Chakra & Aura Balancing

  • Reiki 1

  • Reiki 2

  • Reiki 3 (Master)


Madeline Walker - Gateways to the Light

Animal Communication & Healing Course Levels 1, 2 and 3

This included: The use of Colour How colour can heal emotionally and physically, distance healing and communication, the physical Chakra systems and Animal Soul Chakras, Past life Traumas Soul retrieval-intuiting past life traumas, Past life script re-writing and how to heal the past.


Stonebridge Associated Colleges

Equine Energy Therapy by Holly Davies - Advanced Level 4 - Distinction

This included learning the Emotional Freedom Technique, Healing Through the Bladder Meridian, Removing the Death Vibration, Etheric Light Crystals, The Horse’s Present Past Life, The Horse’s Life Path, Past Life Injury and Trauma, The Horse’s Blueprint, Dowsing, Reading the Horse’s Aura - and much more!

Coursera - University of Edinburgh

Animal Behaviour & Welfare, Certificate of Accomplishment - Online short course

Short online course in animal behaviour and welfare - An introduction to the application of an evidence based approach to describing and assessing the welfare of production, companion and captive wild animal welfare

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