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I'm back!

It's taken some time to get to the position when I am ready to get back healing having had Grace in August last year, but finally the time has arrived and I am loving it!

I have been breaking myself back in gently, visiting old clients and working with horses I am spending a bit of time with and I am now booking appointments!

Today I visited a gorgeous dog who was in need of some healing having lost her companion, such a gentle soul. Last week I had a distance healing day and it was wonderful to connect with the energies of the horses and a greyhound.

Earlier in the month I worked with a beautiful Dales filly who as you can see completely zonked!

I have also visited some old friends, a special black mare and her field companion who I have seen a few times over the years, it was so nice to connect with them again and see how they are doing. Both in very good places and have let go of so much in the time I have known them, helped hugely by an owner who listens to their needs.

I've even spent some time connecting with a herd of cows and getting to know the energy of a young steer, such soft and gentle beings.

I am now teaching healing which I am very excited about. This is not a certificated course (perhaps in the future!) but it is ideal for owners who want to learn how to connect with their own pets and those around them.

Get in touch if you'd like to book an appointment either for a healing for yourself, animal or to learn how to connect and heal yourself.

A few images of Grace getting to know the horses and enjoying the bluebells!

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