• Kathryn Hulland

Learn to connect with your animals at home one 2 one

I've had a few enquiries about the teaching I'm offering in animal healing, so here's a few more details. I'm offering one to one sessions at your home with your pets as a way to connect with them, or field/yard if we're talking horses! If you haven't done healing before I recommend Reiki 1 first so you can learn some basics, start with some self healing and meditation, this will help get you into the right place to connect with your animals. It's very important we know how to check in with ourselves and make sure we are in the right place to give healing and Reiki as a basis helps with this. Reiki 1 is £50 and can be done at your home or with me. I will need to charge some fuel if you are over 10 miles from Tiverton. There is a certificate for Reiki 1 If you have experience of healing then I can teach the animal healing straight off. Again it is £50 and is taught at your home with your animals. I will need to charge some fuel if you are over 10 miles from Tiverton. This is not a certificated course but a way to help you connect with your animals and those around you. I know cost can be an issue so I can do a combination introducing you to the basics of Reiki and then the animal healing to help as an initial guide but you'll get the most from it by doing Reiki first, and this wouldn't be full Reiki 1 for which there is a certificate. You get out what you put in, meditation and self care are big parts of connecting with animals. I will also be setting up a closed Facebook group for all those I teach where you can share experiences, ask questions and I will be adding meditations, exercises to try and general information for you. Ongoing help is available and I will always happy to answer questions privately too. Hope that clarifies a little bit. If you are interested or have any further questions please do get in touch:  

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