• Kathryn Hulland

Horses come first

Below is a video the British Horseracing Authority have put together to try and show how much race horses are loved and cared for and looked after like royalty, alongside a campaign with hashtag #horsescomefirst they appear to be trying to raise their profile as the good guys... 

When will we accept horses don't want a spa, an enclosed treadmill, to walk around in circles in a cage etc etc! So much wrong with the racing industry that I'm not going into it but it does get to me when they try and make out being treated like "royalty" is how horses would choose to live!! I go and see ex racers all the time and most have issues as a result of their racing careers 😐 Some have surprised me as they have enjoyed the actual racing, where others run in pure terror.  

Having worked in a racing yard and seen it first hand I have no doubt most grooms love and only want the best for these horses, and know when they aren't right like we would with our own horses BUT they are horses, they are herd animals designed to graze and move and rely on other horses to feel safe, to sleep, to drink, to groom and to play. Most people wouldn't keep a dog in kennel alone 22 hours a day so why is it acceptable to keep horses in cages?! Love, healing and peace to all the horses coping and putting up with these unnatural lives ❤❤❤ 

Click here for the British Racehorses Authority video

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