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A healing with M

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I visited M recently.  He is in a new home and settling well.  Here is a run down of my session with him.  It gives you an idea on the type of issues that can arise during healing, how they can release but also not want to let some things go.  With this horse I felt it best to go back for a follow up session rather than push too much, this will allow him to process what we had worked with so far and hopefully be more open to work through more when I go back.  I often find this works well, allowing horses time in between if they have a bit to work through.  

On first feel M had a soft gentle energy about him and a really sift eye, such a kind natured horse.    He is a proud horse who knows his heritage and holds himself in this power.  I connected with his brachial chakra first which is on the shoulder and a horses connection to us.  This allowed him to feel the energy, he was very receptive and relaxed, however this was only on one side, on the other he was much more edgy.  You often find horses can be very different in the left and right side, this can sometimes show in ridden work, they could be struggling on one rein in the school for example and this will turn out to be the side they are less open on.   I sent healing through M's head area which he really relaxed into and accepted. I found initially he was edgy on his right side but once he let me in this eased.  He was ok on the left until I started asking for more and it was then he felt closed and a bit defensive. When I first connected with his heart he was closed but he did let me in and showed me him running up and down a fence line neighing alone.  This led to images of him losing a close companion who felt female. It was like watching her be led onto a trailer never to return and the loss he felt was very akin to that of a mare having her foal taken away.  Working on his throat chakra it felt like he was a horse that complied, even if he wasn't all that happy he would accept and do what was asked, he goes through the motions.  He felt fear of everything changing again and I reassured him.  It felt like he hadn't been able to communicate much of how he was feeling and so this is a new thing to him.  He did a big stretch after we worked through this, lifting his neck right up and stretching through his back, this is an excellent sign of releasing emotion.  

It felt very much like he will be a horse that bonds very well with his human and thrives on that relationship, he may test a few boundaries as he tests his new found voice. Working on the saddle area he felt like he loved riding and going out though much more keen once he knows where he is.  He likes continuity.    Expectations have been had of him in the past and he's tried hard to live up to these but feels the pressure. I worked lightly with his solar plexus here which can connect with their self empowerment and this energy area can often be depleted in animals who don't have choice and aren't heard. 

Every time I connected with his left side asking to go a bit deeper I would feel dizzy and out of breath, this is how I feel when picking up a horse's anxiety which shows me there is a lot to help him with here still.   I felt he had much more to say and work through, particularly on the left side. He'd done a couple of great releasing stretches and yawned to help release what we had worked through.  I didn't want to push him as the energy is new to him and so is his home and will go back again in a couple of weeks.   

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