• Kathryn Hulland

Heart chakra

I am often drawn to the heart chakra with horses, they can suffer so much in the hands of humans yet it goes unseen, it can be a reactive area. It may be one particular issue or it may be there are layers of hurt that need to be worked with and released. It is such a pleasure on rare occasions when I work in this area and it's well balanced, it happens so infrequently that I always recheck, what a beautiful feeling it is when it's in a good place. I got asked recently by a client what could cause this imbalance and need for healing to be focussed in that area. Sometimes I get clear answers from a horse, other times other than the feelings I am getting an answer for the exact cause may not come forward. Causes are varied and these are just a few examples: 💮 Weaned too soon and abruptly 💮 Having a foal weaned from them too soon and abruptly 💮 Being moved from home to home 💮 Losing a friend and not understanding why- this could be a field companion whose been taken away 💮 Death of a pair bond 💮 Moving yards so losing friendships 💮 Changing owners 💮 Loss of a person who was close to them 💮 Being kept alone 💮 Being abused 💮 Poor first handling and backing experience 💮 Being gelded depending how this was done and at what age 💮 Losing a matriarch of the herd 💮 Life change in the work they do for example they may have loved hacking but been retired. 💮 Sometimes they may be carrying something that is their owners

The list is endless but this gives a brief sense of just how much our horses have to deal with in their lives and why healing can be a really important help to their general well-being and happiness. I find not all horses want to relive the cause and be open with it but they will receive healing to help them release. Being such a sensitive area may mean going slowly, perhaps even a revisit, but once I've left the horse will continue to process and if I do visit a second time I find much has been released in between visits. A few ways to support your horse if they are holding emotional trauma in the heart chakra: 🌸 Have rose quartz in their environment, maybe in your pocket. 🌸 Consider a water bucket infused with rose quartz, be sure they have the choice of normal water too and all crystals are where they will cause no harm 🌸 Neroli and Rose oil can help through difficult times, you could consider offering them a smell and see how they are. Never force this on them, oils smell strongly and the horse will come to you of they want it - research and know what you are doing with them or employ someone to do a self selection session with them. 🌸 Herbs wise Chamomile Flowers and Marigold can help with emotion. Again offer these as opposed to putting them in a feed, let the horse choose. If you are interested in trying the oils and herbs look into zoopharmacognosy, this is all about enabling animals to self select what they need. Try standing quietly with your horse and connect with them heart to heart. Envisage light streaming from your heart to theirs offering pure unconditional love and support. Finally try talking to them! To some this will sound silly, for others you probably already do it! Share how you're feeling, be open with your own feelings too 😊  #equispirithealing #equestrianlife #equinehealing #equinehealer #animalcommunicator #animalhealer #reiki #reikipractitioners #AnimalReiki #animalreikipractitioner #equineassistedtherapy #equinelife #horsecommunication #horsegirl #horselife #Devon #ponylove #ponytherapy #ponywhispering #horsewhisperer #horsewhisperer🐴 #horsewhispering #ponywhisperer #ponylove #poniesofinstagram #horsesofinstagram #chakra #chakrasystem #heartchakra #chakras

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