• Kathryn Hulland

Solar Plexus Chakra

Today I'm writing about the solar plexus chakra.  This chakra is based in the middle of the  back between the sacral and heart chakras and is yellow in colour.  It's an area I'm often drawn to in animals generally as it connects to their feelings of self worth and empowerment.  This area is often depleted,  there are many reasons why but the most common I come across is lack of choice in their lives. Everything they do is ruled by a person, how they live for example in a stable, in a field, alone, in a herd or individual turnout where they can see but not touch others. With dogs they may be kept in the house with or without company, some have the whole house others may be shut away in a crate.  We choose when they eat, we decide what they eat this choice is taken away from them.  Horses who are out 24/7 at least get to eat though grazing will not necessarily be what they'd choose as very few have mixed grass and herbs and acres and acres for them to roam on!  We therefore supplement to ensure they get vital vitamins and minerals or we restrict there feed due to something like a laminitis scare.   Dogs may get fed some dried biscuits twice a day, cats may get some tinned meat twice a day and both rush it down them. Not necessarily what or how they'd eat given the choice.  We choose when they go out for walks, rides, let in and out the house.  They may be wanting a "duvet" day but the person decides it's time to go on a 8 mile hack, or they might be bursting with energy but the person only has time for a 5 min walk on the lead around the park. We force meetings with others of their kind, restrained or free but do not give them the time they need to work out this newcomer. Sit and think about your animal's life, whether it's a horse, cat, dog, bird, fish, reptile, hamster etc.  Look into how that animal would live wild (I realise they are now domesticated animals but they often still carry many of the same needs), think about the ways in which your animal is kept differs to that of one in the wild.  How much do they roam, what do they eat and when, do they live with companions if so what type of relationships do they have.  In our world it is for most impossible to offer a life giving the animal back all their choices but there may be ways you can help make things easier with some enrichment ideas.  Zoopharmacognosy sessions are a great option to allow them some choice in feed.  Always remember being aware of this, listening and acknowledging helps them cope even if you aren't in a position to change things.  Read more about the chakras here: 

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