• Kathryn Hulland

Beautiful relationships

I had a wonderful healing session yesterday with a client I've seen a few times over the years. I love how he's changed in is behaviour and reactions to a healing session. The first time he really wasn't sure, didn't want to relax and was a but edgy, but over time with each visit he's been more receptive and now waits for me guiding me to where he wants me to go and signals when he's done! It really is so lovely to see. In the past he's opened up with feelings of past events, sadness at not having the body to do what he used to etc. Yesterday he was very quiet, he's said it all, we've worked through it and heard him. We've acknowledged him and that's enough. He showed me images of him as a foal, a feisty boy and then insisted his owner should 'pull up a stool in the stable and have some healing'. He was very specific about doing it in the stable and the owner sitting and so that's what we did. It's beautiful working with horses and owners who have such supportive and understanding relationships, they acknowledged each other's needs and do whatever is required ❤❤❤🐴🐴🐴 

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