• Kathryn Hulland

Base Chakra

The base chakra can be found at the base of the tail, it is red in colour. It connects to the feeling of being grounded and survival. Most animals I find need grounding on some level. In horses I pick up heat in the thigh area, this is connected to fleeing and the heat will be stronger and the chakra more imbalanced in particularly flighty, fearful horses. There is likely to always be some heat in the area due to their natural instincts. I often find this an area I am drawn to in ponies who have gone through a sale ring when feral and straight off the moor/forest. They go to these sales very traumatised having been taken from all they've known, living free and perhaps still a foal, they are then kept until sale day when they are transported, put in pens, chased around a ring, back to pens then onwards to whatever fate awaits them. Every ounce of them wants to flee but they can't and so they stay tense, ready for when they can, or they shut down. Even though the ponies may now be in happy homes these emotional memories are stored within the body and this is one area where I often get drawn to for ponies that have experienced this treatment. Other horses I am drawn to here have included ex racers, bred and taught to run it's what they know and some run feeling terrified. These are a couple of examples, not all are the same. A racehorse may have enjoyed running and not hold such a huge trauma as another, some ponies do seem able to move on from the same experience as another - as with every being they are all individuals. 

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