• Kathryn Hulland

Sacral Chakra

Time to talk about the sacral chakra. Orange in colour this chakra can hold a lot of emotion. It is an area where grief can be stored and it connects with sexuality. This is a typical area I get drawn to for geldings if they suffered a traumatic castration, also those cut late tend to need more focus here and especially those that may have been used as a stallion before being gelded. In mares I can get drawn here through loss of a foal, loss could be death but more often it's that they had their foal taken away before they were ready. Another reason i've got drawn to this area in mares is due to how they are put in to foal, for some this can be extremely traumatic, and they may even be restricted in movement to ensure the stallion is not injured. Think what we could call this if it were a human... and so they have to process what happens and this is an area it is often stored in. 

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