• Kathryn Hulland

Brachial Chakra

The brachial chakra is where I always start a healing session. This area links to the horse's connection to us, his relationships with us and his life with us. How this area feels very much depends on the horse's life experience and relationships with the people who have been part of it, that includes current and past people in his life. Sometimes I find grief here because they lost a person who they had a close bond with. Sometimes they have no understanding of what a good relationship is as it's not something they've ever had, if they've had negative experiences with people this will (for most) make it harder for them to trust and build bonds. Horses I visit inevitably have owners who love them dearly, but due to past experiences they may not be opening up to allow them in and so it's hard for them to build a bond and trust. A healing session can help with this. As the energy flows it helps to release old emotion that's being held, it helps build trust and better understanding for both the horse and their people which in turn helps to strengthen relationships and gives some basic building blocks to start from. I'll never forget one horse I saw where the owner was having difficulty connecting, the horse was an ex racer and quite stand offish, not keen to be around people. The day after the healing she messaged me to say the horse was laying down in the field, not something she'd ever seen as he was still quite unsettled, and allowed her to go and sit with him. Their bond grew from strength to strength from there. I often work with the brachial and heart chakra together, all chakras are linked but these two I find are more strongly linked due to the strength of the heartfelt emotions linked with both the heart and brachial area. It's not an area to work on lightly together! Try this at home

An exercise you can try with your horse is to stand with them, take some deep breaths and relax, feel your shoulders relax, ground yourself to the earth (envisage roots going down from the soles of your feet into mother earth) and move your mouth to release tension in your jaw allowing it to loosen (it's amazing how much tension we can hold here). Be with your horse in the moment and place your hand on the brachial chakra. Connect with them with a loving energy envisaging this love flowing from your heart to theirs. You may find closing your eyes helps but only do this if it is safe to do so!! See what you feel from your horse.

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