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Golden Oldies!

I have had a few healing sessions lately working with some of the OAPs of the equestrian world. It is such a privilege to be able to do this and to acknowledge the people who have kept these horses for decades, all have been over 30 and with their person for many many years and I can tell from the feel of the energy within the animal how content and calm they are as a result of having had that security and continuity for such a long time. The bond and understanding between most horses and their people when they have spent 20 years or more together is very special, and they know each other, they understand one another and are there for each other.

It is rare I would come across too much trauma that needs releasing from horses like this as they have spent such a long time being able to be themselves - the ones I have seen live out in a herd so have had as natural life as possible. They have not had trauma after trauma stacked up on top of one another with no chance of release and understanding, they have been able to be horses. It is such a joy to see.

One other very special pony I have met recently is the wonderful Topsy, a 38 year old mare with People 4 Ponies. I have been fortunate enough to start going up to visit the herd from time to time and help with evening feeds and Topsy is amazing, as are they all! This is information about Topsy and how she came to be with P4P, and you can sponsor her!

"Topsy came to us with her friend Tufty via a national animal charity who were unable to care for them any longer. They are elderly mares who were originally seized from Bodmin Moor 13 years ago. Both ponies had been ear-notched and branded, and were unhandleable until they came to us in September 2012. Topsy is extremely traumatised from the mutilations and the handling associated with these. Tufty had made very good progress but sadly we lost her to a lipoma in May 2013 - she was well into her mid 30s, and had transformed in health since she had arrived with us. Topsy has adapted well since losing her best friend Tufty, and lives with other members of the herd at our main base. Visitors often comment on how beautiful Topsy is!" Find out more about the ponies here

Topsy in her new rug a couple of weeks ago:

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