• Kathryn Hulland

Black Friday

This post is in response to a Extinction Rebellion Facebook post about blockades at Amazon depots for Black Friday, you can read the post here

I thought I'd have a ramble on my page, I'm not being preachy I promise, just sharing some thoughts and some amazing local businesses! I like this action, it makes a great point about consumerism and the impact that has on our planet. For us to beat climate change we need to change, we need to stop with the instant gratification "bargains" of crap we don't need! If we didn't buy into it companies like Amazon wouldn't be what they are. I admit though I do shop with Amazon, the cat food I need is much cheaper to buy from them than direct from the supplier, as are many other things. I have to be careful with my money so of course I'm going to seek out the best deals, if there's a couple of quid in it I'll go direct but when you're talking double the cost it's a no brainer, I don't like it but I need to save money where I can. Amazon can also be a life saver for when I've been ill and I can't get out the house, next day delivery of essentials has been so useful and I'm sure relied upon by many disabled and chronically ill people. However the massive consumerist side of it, the waste (remember the recent report of how many perfectly good items are being destroyed), the "tax evasion", the pressure on staff, the flying into space by the founder, the unregulated dangerous items that end up being sold, the massive carbon footprint of so many items, the single use plastic rubbish, the packaging etc. is not OK. But if the demand wasn't there by us it would be impossible to run this way.... It takes two, so yes Amazon need to do something about their practices and consider our planet, but also we as consumers need to make the best choices we can. Before buying anything from them do shop around to check you can't get it direct or elsewhere at an affordable price for you. I imagine many companies feel they have little option other than to sell via Amazon as that's the only place many people look for items these days. Depending on what you're buying consider second hand, no good for cat food obviously but other items Ebay, Vinted, charity shops etc are great. Most importantly shop local as much as you can! We have some amazing independent shops in Tiverton, just a few of my favourites are Liznojan, The House Of Green, Reapers, No 33 Bakery, Mrs Gill's Country Cakes, Leela, Mademoiselle Mojo, Lantic Gallery, Jo Amor Tiverton, Pho Nam Vietnamese Noodle Bar, Elsie May's and a new one opening tomorrow in Bampton Street Dan Rox. We're also very lucky to have Tiverton Pannier Market with fresh fruit and veg stalls and loads of other traders. I've obviously not listed all the shops but it's fair to say you could get alot of what you need locally, and it's not always more expensive so look around before clicking "Buy Now" #shoplocal #blackfriday2021 #Tiverton #middevon #Devon

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