• Kathryn Hulland

Distance Healing

I've had a busy couple of weeks with distance healings, various horses, dogs and a cat were amongst those who were all connected with and healing sent.

After I've done a healing I type up a report for the owner and always pull a card for them, most of the time I use the Way of the Horse cards, but sometimes others call.

I find distance healing amazing, what comes through is so different for each. I've had some lovely feedback from clients in relation to those distance healings, it's always nice to hear how much they've resonated and run in line with issues being experienced. "Thank you 🙏 it’s lovely to wake up to such a beautiful report for my horse!!!! Thanks for the card - Field of Dreams - can’t wait to read up on that! Was all spot on and resonated so much!" "Thank you. ***** is wherever I am today. She is very settled. Distance healing highly recommended with Kathryn." "Thank you so much for my two's readings, roll on when you can get to come and see us for another one." "Thank you sooo much for sending her healing and connecting with her. I am super impressed with how detailed your report is and would love for you to work with **** again. I really can't thank you enough. You have such a beautiful and important gift."

If you're interested in booking a distance healing drop me a message ❤ #distancehealing #healingenergy #reiki #reikihealing #animallovers #animalhealing #animalreiki #animalcommunication #animalcommunicator #reikipractitioners #reikimiddevon #middevonreiki #healingcrystals #Reikidevon

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