• Kathryn Hulland

Distance Healing

Distance Healing can be extremely powerful. Some may be quite skeptical of how it can work but what we have to remember is everything is connected, we live in an interconnected universe where energy can travel wherever you wish, you just have to have the intention and connect. How deep you go and just what you can pick up will depend how open you are to these energies.

I'm always amazed at what comes up during a distance healing, I often follow up an in person healing with one as it can be beneficial to reconnect and check in.

When I do a distance healing I send a report after which runs through what I connected with, the crystals I chose and anything specific that came up.

I thought it might be nice to give a glimpse into how I prepare for these sessions.

First up I prepare my space. I get my board and photo ready. Sometimes Poppy joins...!

Next I cleanse the room, I use sound and also a spray that I make up. This helps clear the room of stale energy and helps set the intention.

I love using my singing bowl. I work with this during healing sessions too.

I also love working with my drum.

When I feel the room is ready I do some preparation work then I do an initial connection and choose the crystals I feel are needed.

I work with my pendulum to check in with the chakras.

I also work with a tuning fork. I have my pen and paper ready to write notes and sometimes do some automatic writing.

My healing grid will be set and activated and I'll write what comes as I send healing, I'll ask any specific questions people may have.

I'll be teaching some distance healing techniques on my Animal Healing and Communication workshops.

Do message if you'd like to book for a distance healing for yourself or an animal you share your life with.

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