• Kathryn Hulland

Do you allow yourself to show vulnerability?

I think showing vulnerability is such a brave thing to do, it's something I've got much more comfortable with over the years, but it seems to be something that will always need work.

Years ago I'd put a brave face on, hid the tears, worries, upset & frustration. I couldn't ask for help because I thought it was a weakness and I should be able to cope. I wouldn't admit to feeling nervous, I just struggled on. I couldn't share how I felt even with those close to me. I didnt speak up. If someone asked a question I'd give the answer I thought they wanted to hear, rather than my truthful answer. My opinions were often other peoples, not my own. I wasn't being true to me and what my body was saying because that would mean letting my guard down. I feared being laughed at and ridiculed and worried everyone knew so much more than me, so it was better to keep quiet. By opening up to vulnerability you open up to a deeper authenticy which is a quality that is so important to me in other people. Much of it does seem to come with age, but some areas take continued work. I believe that by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable we open space for others to feel safe to do the same, making for happier, authentic and supportive relationships. Being vulnerable doesn't make you weak, it's a strength. You can be vulnerable and powerful all at the same time! I highly recommend a bit of Brené Brown reading on vulnerability if it interests you, it holds such power!

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