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Equine healing - have you tried it?!

Have you ever tried a horse healing and communication session for your horse? Many years ago it was something I'd often consider but never got around to, knowing what I know now I wish I had taken that step.... I wonder how it would have gone for those horses of my past!

Each horse responds differently to healing, there is no text book "horse accepts healing, relaxes, releases" - they all differ, just like my healing sessions with people.

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Horse healing

Before I start a healing session I explain how I will work, then after the explanation say "but it probably won't go like that". Just one prime example was when a horse just wanted lots of healing to the head area and so I focused a lot more there than I normally would, I am always guided by the horse (or dog/cat etc)

Some will relax and release a little immediately as they feel the energy, often a horse will start yawning the moment I connect,sometimes over the stable door as I'm chatting to their person. However, others may not show signs of release until I've finished the session, and sometimes even after I've left. They need time to mull it over! This is why I say no riding/travel etc. for 24 hours after to allow full processing time.

If a horse really struggles and has a lot to work through I recommend a second visit, and a distance healing in between can be very beneficial. I have seen it often when a horse who is new to healing accepts it but does not fully engage, yet on the second visit it is completely different and open, this is because the first healing has had time to take effect and the horse understands more about the energy.

Though I could try and push through I don't like to, a bit like counselling for us humans, it's not right to keep pushing, we need time to process unpressurised.

One horse will be very open and another a closed book, it's not something that can be forced the healing is sent with love and support and goes where it is needed to help the horse in the best way.

As I connect with the horses emotions and communication can flow, again this will vary from horse to horse.

Ex race horses are a great example of how different they can be. It was very interesting working with an ex racer who came direct from a racing yard 7 months previous, he had an injury so did not race last year and was turned away but this year he is back in work (not training) and he has this huge anticipation within him of what is to come, it's the time of year when he would have started going out racing and he is expecting this and on edge as a result.

Another ex racer I saw felt very depressed, struggling with the change in his life and quite shut down. Such a loving boy but finding it hard to cope with life. Lots of love and support was sent to him, when I finished I had to make sure he was back with us so as not to be surprised by anything as he'd really gone deep into the session.

One ex racer loved to gallop, missed it and wanted to just keep running. Another was afraid of galloping fast and felt like it was a run for his life every time. As I talk to their people what I feel and what comes up fits with the behavioural experiences they are having.

I had one owner of an ex racer who was really struggling to feel connected with her horse who was aloof. She wasn't sure how to help this. We worked though it a bit, talked through the horses needs and I got a message to say the horse had laid in the field next to her and the connection finally felt it was coming for her. Some horses bring their people into a healing session, so often it's their person that needs something and if a horse is feeling in a good place, or if the reason they are a bit off is the owner, they will ask to send healing to the person. A prime example is lady's horse who was "playing up", and it turned out she was going through a messy divorce and holding on to alot of emotion, it was this emotion the horse was reacting to, he didn't like how it felt and the lack of clarity and lack of emotional authenticy from the person made him feel on edge. A healing & release by way of tears from the person and the horse was yawning away and letting go with her!

Every healing is different, every healing is so very special 🥰

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