• Kathryn Hulland

I Am Woman. I Am All.

I Am Woman

See me

Rising like Venus from an ocean of dreams

The whispers of the ancients have awoken my soul

I am woman—birther of galaxies, mother to stars

I am woman. The magic that knits souls into flesh within my womb

I am woman, shedding blood that heals; the blood of the Divine Feminine Being

I rise incandescent, in my power yet humble, divinely She

Hear me…

“F*ck equality!” I shout at the sky. I am tired of fighting a patriarchal war

I embody my fullness, Priestess, Mystic. I am the Sacred Song

My strength is etched within the marrow of my bones

I have been called by many names—Saint. Sinner. Witch. Wh%re

Comfortable in my skin, comfortable with my color, comfortable with my tears

Comfortable with the words that fail to describe my Wholeness

I am shadows and light, beauty and terror

Unashamed, uninhibited, sensual, seductive, intuitive, emotional, raw

I am Woman. Goddess. Gaia. The incarnation of Pachamama

I am Fire and Water and Soil

F*ck equality…because I know who I am

You can’t gift me something that is already mine

Perseverance and wisdom course through my veins

I am Sister to every woman ever born.

Embracing. Encouraging. A container for Love

See my feet on the ground

My drum in my arms

Wilderness in my howl

The moon in my blood

Sorcery in my cauldron

Wisdom in my heart

I will not be silenced, I will not be burned

I am not too much

I will not be told what is womanly or not

Shakti. Magdalene. Maiden. Mother. Crone. Temptress. Creatress. The Sound of the Wind

I am Woman

I am All


Words Monika Carless

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