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Imbolc and Brigid: What You Need to Know About the Celtic Goddess

A Celtic holiday Imbolc celebrates the coming of spring. It is named after the goddess Brigid, who is revered as a patron of healing, fertility, and agriculture. Brigid crosses, which are made in her honour at this time of year, are symbols of purification and protection.

Imbolc is one of my favourite festivals, as the light grows and signs of spring show themselves I always feel joy and hope for the year ahead. Brigid is also one of the goddesses I have the most connection with and I feel her presence very strongly at this time of year.

Imbolc is celebrated on 1st February, the traditional beginning of spring. Brigid crosses are made in her honour at this time of year; these crosses are symbols of purification and protection.

Brigid is one of the most important Celtic goddesses, and her holiday of Imbolc is celebrated throughout the Celtic world. In Ireland, Brigid is known as Brigid of Kildare, after the monastery she founded in that city. Brigid is also associated with the smith's craft, and many ironworks bear her name.

Brigid also carries the triple goddess energy, which represents the three aspects of the feminine: maiden, mother, and crone. Brigid is often seen as a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Symbols of Brigid include the Brigid cross, made of two interlocking X-shapes, and the Brigid's flame, a sacred fire that was tended by nuns at Kildare. The flame was said to never go out, and it was used to bless people and objects.

Imbolc is a time of renewal and hope, a time to celebrate the coming of spring. Brigid is a goddess of healing and fertility, and her symbols of purification and protection make her an ideal figure to invoke at this time of year. If you're looking for a little bit of Brigid's magic in your life, why not make a Brigid cross or light a candle in her honour? This is the website I used for instructions on how to make my first ever Brigid's Cross.

I have my altar prepared for Imbolc and in Brigid's honour:

Happy Imbolc!

Read more about Brigid here

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