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Introduction to me!

I thought I'd introduce myself as I've had a few new followers, appointment and workshop enquiries for which I'm very grateful. It's always nice to know whose behind a page!

I'm Kathryn and I live in Tiverton, Devon with my delightful 4 year old daughter Grace who you'll see mentioned from time to time! We share our lives with the wonderful Poppy cat and very shortly my pony Tigger will be rejoining us whose been out on loan for 9 years.

I trained in horse healing in around 2012-2014, at the same time I learned Reiki to Master level, crystal healing then in 2016 studied shamanic practices. I've also studied animal healing and communication with a few teachers over the years. I've completed mindfulness courses and practice this, alongside other meditation. There's lots of other healing courses and workshops I've done as I just love it so much and you never stop learning!

Though I work with Reiki my offerings are so much more than that. I bring all I've learned together and work on intuition, offering healing for people and animals. I also guide meditations, co-host a reiki group, women's circle and run workshops. I hope soon to offer oracle card readings too.

I sometimes have to pinch myself that I can say that! I'm grateful every day.

I find my background in medical trauma brings with it alot of empathy and understanding for those who live with medical conditions and chronic illness. All our experiences are different but I do have a good understanding of the complexities these conditions bring to our lives. I've been through severe burns, auto immune conditions, fibromyalgia, ME, miscarriage, C-Section and breast cancer experiencing plenty of medical trauma along the way since I was 18 months old. It's these experiences that I also draw on, an insight into how debilitating invisible illness can be and the emotional intricacies that go with it.

Despite it all I now live a life I love, for which I have my poor health to thank!! Had it not been for those experiences I'd not be on the path I'm on now, it's one I find fills my soul, makes me smile every day and I can't believe at 43 I'm finally doing what I love every day and helping others along that path too. My healing offerings are more than a Reiki session, I spend time listening to my clients, really hearing them. I give you the space you need to allow your vulnerability, to be the authentic you and to be heard if you choose.

When working with horses and other animals I often find I'm drawn into the person/animal bond which is so special. I will work in whatever way I'm drawn and always talk through other options that might help, listening to the animal's person as well as the animal, as often that's what they are asking me to do!

I used to help run a Dartmoor Hill Pony Rescue and handle feral ponies, bringing them on and rehoming them, they taught me so much. I'd spend hours sat in the field being with the herd, watching and noticing. These experiences really were a turning point in my horse connections as suddenly I saw everything differently.

I've rambled enough, that gives you an idea! If you'd like to learn more you can find details on my website

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