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Learn Reiki: The Healing Art of Energy Clearing and Balancing

If you're looking for a way to improve your health and well-being, Reiki may be the answer. Reiki is a healing art that uses energy clearing and balancing techniques to promote relaxation and peace of mind.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that uses gentle touch to promote relaxation and stress relief. It is based on the principle that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves, and Reiki helps to activate this natural healing process. Reiki practitioners use their hands to channel energy into the body, which can help to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and promote healing.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that can be used to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and promote healing. It is safe for all ages and can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments. Reiki is not a religion, and you do not need to believe in it for it to work.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

There are many benefits of Reiki, including reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and encouraging healing. When we experience physical or emotional stress, it can disrupt the flow of this energy and lead to imbalances in our bodies. Reiki helps to restore balance by clearing blockages and promoting the free flow of energy. This can help to reduce stress, ease pain, and promote healing.

There are many benefits to Reiki, including:

- Reduced stress and anxiety

- Relief from pain and discomfort

- Improved sleep quality

- Increased energy and vitality

- Faster healing time for injuries and illnesses

- improved overall well-being.

If you're interested in trying Reiki, there are a few things you can do to get started. First, it's important to find a qualified Reiki practitioner who can provide treatments. You can also learn Reiki yourself by taking classes or reading books on the subject. Once you have a basic understanding of Reiki, you can begin practising it on yourself and others!

If you would like to learn Reiki I can help! I teach Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. I always suggest you have a Reiki treatment yourself first so you understand it better and just how it can support you.

In Reiki 1 you will learn the story of Reiki and how it found its way to the western world. You will learn self healing practices and how to channel the energy. During Reiki 1 I introduce you to the chakra system and meditation.

In Reiki 2 you learn how to work with Reiki on other people and the first Reiki symbols. You will need to do some case studies before receiving your Reiki 2 certificate, but once you do you can treat people as a Reiki 2 practitioner.

Additionally, I teach an animal healing and communication course. If you don't have healing experience I ask that you complete Reiki 1 first and then we go into this course. The course is a self development course, looking at aspects of your life and techniques and tools you can use within it to bring equilibrium. It teaches you mindfulness and tuning into your body so you are aware of what you may have going on within, this allows you to connect on a deeper level with animals. In the course I explain the animal chakra system and healing techniques you can use with animals. I also teach distance healing using a photo.

I teach all courses from one of my therapy rooms in Tiverton, Devon. Anyone who learns with me will always have ongoing support after the course. You can always come back to me and ask questions!

If you would like to know me then please do get in touch.

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