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Listening to the body and being more cat!

This week I'm really having to listen to my body, it's been a while since I've had a flare up of pain and fatigue that's floored me but this one is doing it! Thankfully it's a quiet week so I can take time to just rest, sleep when needed, sit in the garden and basically connect with my inner cat!! Cats are great, they get up when they want, sleep when they want (alot), play when they want, demand food when they want....! We could learn alot by being more cat!

I had things I wanted to do this week, I had to cancel an evening meal for a friends birthday and cancel helping a friend with something really important, both were things I really wanted to do. I battled with my body, head and heart over these decisions, I really don't like the turmoil these flare ups cause! I don't like the feeling of letting people down and not doing what I want when I want!

A few years ago I would have pushed on, not wanting to let people down and thinking my body will quieten soon, but it never did it would shout louder and louder until I couldn't get out of bed.

I've finally learned my lesson!

I not only notice what my body is communicating but I listen, even if that means not doing something I love and want to do. I acknowledge and accept the feelings that come with that: disappointment, frustration, guilt, sadness. Then there's the relief, the peace that comes with acceptance and allowing myself, my body, the time it needs to recuperate.

Learning about your body and the signals it's giving you is so important, I find the body scan meditation is a vital tool in this. I don't very often sit and do a full version of it now as I'm very in tune and good at stopping to check in and notice how I'm feeling. A few years ago when I was more on autopilot I needed a daily morning and evening full body scan practice to make me check in, with practice it's automatic now and I'll do a quick scan frequently through the day. I check in with my physical body and emotional state including stress levels.

Stress will add to flare ups, it can cause them, so keeping stress levels as low as possible is also really important. Noticing if stress is rising and having tools like breathing techniques and grounding helps alot.

So today I shall pick a few strawberries, listen to the birds, feel the sun on my face, the earth on the soles of my feet and replenish my body.

Feeling grateful I can take the time when I need to, have help with Grace on hand and the timing of this is a week where I can just stop! 🙏

I thought I'd share as I know many of my clients live with chronic illness too and these feelings and learning how to adjust life around it may resonate.

Blessings for a beautiful day ahead. 🥰

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