• Kathryn Hulland

Meditation & Nature Connection Day

We had a wonderful day on Sunday at the Rosebud Ranch Retreat hosting our first workshop of the year! The weather was very kind to us which was a big relief!

We enjoyed a mindfulness body scan, mindful walking and a beautiful tree connection meditation. In the afternoon we spent time with the alpacas, envisaging out heart connection with them and just soaking up the space.

I always ask for feedback following a workshop, it's lovely to hear how people enjoyed it but I am also very open to constructive feedback and if there is anything we could do to make it even better. As a result we will now be offering any workshop participants an extra hour at the end of the workshop for some time to themselves on the land as they choose, so if you feel you want more time just to sit and be you can.

Here's some feedback from the workshop and photos:

"I really enjoyed the meditation day on Sunday, it was a beautiful day, thank you all for creating such a welcoming place to relax and rest in. I felt more relaxed than I have done in a very long time and enjoyed the guided meditations in nature, under the warm sun, with the wonderful smell of woodsmoke from the smouldering fire, it was actually pure bliss.

We very often don't take time out for 'us' and this was one of those special days, when I did and it was worth it."

"It was an amazing peaceful day. Such a boost to my well-being and it’s so important to have that ‘me-time’ and to be able to relax in such wonderful surroundings. I never want to leave!

I have such a ‘butterfly mind’ and it is hard to switch off but the meditations from you both really help me.

Mindfulness is so powerful. It brings such a different concentration and the means to slow down from our normal hectic lives.

I can’t believe the connection I felt with the Alpacas. Such lovely animals.

The other participants were all such kind friendly people too.

Thank you again and I can’t wait until my next trip there. It is so worth the journey."

"I really enjoyed Sunday, it was very much needed! I'd tell people to expect a friendly and relaxed day of exploration with laughter and sharing in a safe space. A gentle introduction to mindfulness and guided meditation and a chance to connect with nature and the alpacas"

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